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Army School Dehu Road is located in the suburb township of Pune at Dehu Road Mil Station within the picturesque folds of local hillocks with an area of 20 acres, for giving quality education at an affordable cost to the wards of serving/retired military personnel and civilians paid out of Defence Estimates in the Dehu Road Mil Stn. Today the school boasts of a total strength of 907 students with their backgrounds varying from all walks of life. The school has been providing meritorious service to the local populace by providing their children with quality education with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities to make them literate and responsible citizens of the country.

 "A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove or how large my bank account was; but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child."

    The success of our schools has always been and will continue to be the result of the commitment of caring people-parents, educators, administrators, and community members. Each child has his/her own unique potential, as well as his/her own preferred style in reaching it.  The trick is to identify both and work out the best method which is both unique and customised for each child so that " No child is left behind".

    My vision for APS Dehu Road is that it be a haven for learning, where learning happens constantly, regardless of time or place.  The curriculum framework provides the foundation for what students need to learn.  We as educators just need to interpret that understanding and tweak it to suit the school philosophy so that those needs are fulfilled. I dream of a school where each child passes out with a strong foundation rooted in three Rs - Respect, Responsibility, Relationship. Respect for everything and everybody without the want to change or modify the other, responsibility for every choice one makes in life, relationship with everything around with the understanding that everything in this world is connected and related and that no action is isolated and truly affects all of us. We at APS Dehu Road work as a team to fulfill this vision and tread the path with small surefooted steps so that our children may say with pride that this beautiful institution is their alma mater.

  It gives me immense pleasure as the Principal to be able to give our children a state of the art campus which is at the same time nestled in a most pristine little niche of the Sahyadris, where the latest in education technology survives in synergy amongst green rolling meadows and undulating hills.  It is the perfect setting for endless curiosities to be fulfilled, nurturing large dreams in little eyes and rooting innocent sensibilities in strong values. I am sure that the school will keep progressing in leaps and bounds with the combined effort of the excellent staff and the beautiful children who remain our heart and soul.

Admission Procedure

Following category of children will be admitted based on Transfer Certificate (TC) from previous school.
a.Children who are coming on Pass/promoted TC from another APS can be admitted throughout the year
b. Children who have studied for 10 academic months in another APS, KV and are seeking admission after 31 Jul.
c. An evaluation test may be taken in respect of these children to facilitate further academic coaching and allocation of sections. However such an evaluation test will not be treated as admission test and child entitled lateral admission will be allowed to attend classes within 48 hours of reporting to the school.
d. No Admission test will be conducted for the students who are coming from Army Public Schools.
Tests will be considered for the students coming to class X or XII irrespective of the school.


Massive campus with lush gardens and well laid sports ground nurturing sportsmanship. E-education with e-classrooms, well equipped Computer Lab, Language Lab, Mathematics Lab, Sports equipment, Social Studies Lab, e-library and wi-fi campus.

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Phone Number: 020 - 2767026
Address: COD Marg, Dehu Road, Pune- 412101,
Maharashtra - 412101, India


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