Top 2018 summer study abroad programs

There is no better time than the summer vacations to see the world, explore the new cultures or just to add the new sparks in your academics. Summer study abroad programs are the best way to spend the summers. These programs not only add the value to the resume but also broaden your mind, enhance your knowledge and allow you to see the world through the new lens.

Most of us spend the long summer vacations by going back to the home or by catching up the old friends or relatives. Instead of doing the same old-fashioned things, why not try something adventurous and knowledgeable by enrolling in the summer study abroad programs. In comparison to the spring or the fall semesters, these small summer study abroad programs are much more convenient as they are only about 2 weeks and are much affordable and cool.

Now, the big question arises how to choose an affordable study abroad programs. Location always matters. But, choosing the famous locations, especially during the summer tourist months may be a bit rough on your wallet. Instead of choosing western Europe or Italy, why not choose the location that is lower on living cost, but promises the same value.

Here, on,  we try to summarize some of the best affordable summer study abroad programs 2018 for the college students. Don’t be fooled by the price tag of these programs as they include the tuition fees, visa processing, room board. Still, if you find it expensive then take the summer 2018 scholarship exams and study your favorite program at your dream locations.

Center for Study Abroad (CSA) programs

The leader in providing the budget study abroad programs to the hard-pressed students. Since 1990 they have been providing the budget study abroad programs in every corner of the planet. These reputable universities and colleges, programs are not only low in cost but are also legitimate. The flexible payment options make them more popular among students. The best part is that you can even choose your own airfare and accommodation as per your budget.

Temple University Summer program

Temple University offers some of the best summer courses for both the graduates and undergraduates all over the world. The course duration of these summer programs is usually 4 and 10 weeks. Here, you can study some of the best courses like Asian study in Japan, west African civilization in Ghana and many more.

Syracuse University in Europe

Want to spend your summer vacations in Europe? Then, Syracuse University offers the summer programs for the ambitious students all across the European continent. Some of the highlights of the programs include film production in Italy, environmental sustainability in Iceland, theater in London and much more. For the wanderlust who do not want to spend their entire summer vacation in one place, the university also offers the multi-city traveling seminars.

IES Abroad in Barcelona

Want to explore the culture of Barcelona, one of the most fun and culturally rich cities in Europe? Then, why not make it more knowledgeable by learning the Spanish language. To improve their Spanish fluency the students can share the apartments with other IES students or they can just choose the homestay. In the 7 week program, the students can also earn the six or seven academic credits.

Summer Course in African - African Impact

Enhance your learning by next level through the service, experimental learning in Africa. Explore the amazing world of Zambia, Tanzania or South Africa and pursue the variant summer course ranging from the community development to the gender equality.

American University of Sharjah

Choose any program from the extensive course catalog and live in the beautiful campus of the American University of Sharjah. Located in the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, the university is highly recommended and respected for its academics.

Bar Ilan University

For the politics and the international peacekeeper lovers, Bar Ilan University is like heaven. The university offers the 4-week summer program for both the graduates and the undergraduate students of any academics. The student can earn up to 11 academic credits and also take the internship with the help of the local NGO.

Dolomit- LABA Summer School

What about spending the summers in the beautiful province of Trentino, located on the Lake Garda in Italy. Dolomit along with the prestigious Libera Accademia DI Belle Arti offers the humanities and arts course. Students can enroll themselves either in the seven weeks or three and half week summer programs.

CEA Global Education in Aix en Provence

Spend the full month in France by enjoying its cultural events and summer festivals while learning the French course. Students can enroll themselves either in the beginning, intermediate or advanced level.

Uppsala International Summer School

Explore the Sweden culture and simply learn the Swedish language by enrolling in the 2 to a 7-week summer program at the Uppsala International Summer School. Even the school features the field trips and cultural excursions across the country.

Tip for Choosing the Affordable Abroad Summer Program

Though it is not an easy task to choose the best summer affordable programs, here we try to summarize some of the best summer programs 2018. But, it is highly advisable to perform your own research and after the full satisfaction choose the best summer abroad program for you

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