How to prepare for AIIMS MBBS in 1 month

AIIMS Entrance exam is conducted to fill in 807 MBBS seats available for admissions across the 9 AIIMS institutions. The competition is fierce and tough and the exam usually gives sleepless nights to aspirants. Last one month before the exam is very crucial and stressful. Hard work along with perseverance along with stress and time management can sail you through the last hectic month smoothly.

A sound last month preparation strategy stands on three pillars viz.

1. Creating a realistic timetable

Prepare a realistic time table for the last four weeks of preparation and strictly abide by it. Remove all distractions and devote as much time possible to study and revise concepts. Focus more on weak areas and solve questions based on AIIMS MBBS exam pattern. Divide the time on the basis of the importance of chapters and keep time for practicing mock tests as well.

2. Having a subject wise planning

With very less time in hand, start by knowing the AIIMS Entrance Exam pattern. Remember that all three major subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology carry equal weight with 60 questions from each subject. The remaining 20 questions will be General Knowledge and Aptitude and Logical Thinking. Study previous year papers and get a stronghold of Reason-Assertion questions which form a considerable part of the question paper.

Previous year papers give you an insight into the subject wise analysis which is very crucial as it lets you know which topics need extra attention.

Also, focus on practicing questions to get a grip on the concepts. Remember to revise each of the science subjects from NCERT texts and previously studied modules. If necessary, refer to external reference books.

3. Practicing mock tests

Don’t underestimate the power of practicing mocks and previous years AIIMS Entrance exam. Solving mocks is equally important as clearing one’s doubts. Make sure to practice the mock tests in the exam room scenario without any distractions and within the time span and preferably the same timings 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM, and 3.00 PM to 6.30 PM) as that of the exam. Since the AIIMS Entrance exam is a computer-based exam, candidates can join the online test series for the practice. Give equal heed to maintaining speed and accuracy.


Apart from preparation, last month can get over your nerves. It is very important to maintain your calm and composure during the last month by indulging in relaxing activities like going outdoors, swimming, playing, meditation or yoga. Interact with your family and have proper food as it is vital for a healthy mind and body. Lastly, remember that stress can kill your preparation levels and a composed mind can help you in retaining concepts better in the last hour. So, take the last month as it comes and stays true to your goals and study plan. All the Best!

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