How to Prepare for NEET PG in 8 Months - Exam Tips

With not much time left in hand, it’s time to pull up the socks and be smart in strategizing for the exam instead of mugging and memorizing. Hard work and dedication are the most important thing along with the vigor to grab a seat. Aspirants should also keep ample time in hand for revision as that is the most important aspect. Below given exam tips will help you prepare for NEET PG in 8 months.

The foremost thing is to make a preparation schedule and stay true to it throughout. Dividing the schedule into stages viz. study, revise and practice so that you have defined allotted time for each.

STAGE 1- STUDY (First 5-6 months)

Start your preparation by knowing the syllabus. Make a planner on how to cover the syllabus topic wise. This shall be completed in a span of 5-6 months depending on the candidate. Remember that the faster you complete the syllabus, the more time you will have for revision and practice. Aim to cover the lengthy and difficult subjects within 1-2 weeks while easy and short topics can be covered in 3-5 days.

During this time, practice subject wise tests instead of going for full-length mock tests as it can be demotivating.


Revision is very important for refreshing the syllabus. Spare the last three months to revise the entire syllabus. If you have any doubts, get it cleared during this time.


After you are through with the syllabus, start practicing last year papers and mock tests by conventional and online sources. Try to do so in the exam time scenario. This will help build speed and confidence.


  • Prioritize the topics

Instead of haphazardly studying, prioritize the topics and study accordingly. Important topics should be given more time during study and revision. It helps in covering the syllabus systematically.

  • Read your notes

Making notes helps in quick revision. So while studying, make short notes to read out later.

  • Select the books appropriately

Choose the books which validate the data and are up to date. Give more time to areas which require more attention.

  • Revision

While covering the syllabus, do not rush. Take topics step by step and make notes for important tricks and shortcuts sideways on a separate sheet of paper which you can refer for last revision.

  • Practice mock tests

The saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is implied for preparation of competitive exams. Once you are through with the syllabus, practice mock tests and questions. It is advised to solve the mock tests in exam room conditions so as to judge yourself on speed and accuracy. Solve last year question papers in real time scenario.

Always remember that you are your own competition and try to excel in the topics to crack the exam. All the best!

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