JEE Main Preparation Tips by Toppers

JEE MAIN is one brutal exam. Every year it gives sleepless nights to many aspirants. Same sail through it while for some it remains a distant dream only. With lakhs of aspirants giving JEE Main Entrance exam a shot, the competition is tough, but certainly not impossible to crack. Dedication, hard work, focus along with time management and some key tips from the toppers can help you to ace the exam and grab yourself a coveted seat in the engineering college.

  • Hard Work

The saying ‘There is no shortcut to success’ goes perfectly if you are preparing for JEE Mains. Hard work and diligence, along with focus and staying true to your goal can help you crack the exam. Do not divert your mind from the preparation. Keep calm and stop thinking about the results. Direct your focus on studies only. Taking too much stress causes anxiety which will be reflected in the examination.

  • Get the basics right

Majority of questions in JEE Main are concept based and are designed to test the hold of aspirants on the subject matter. Some questions also involve a combination of multiple concepts. Thus work towards getting the basics of the concepts and get your fundamentals strong. This would help you to tackle different types of questions with ease. Take help from your teachers and tutors, make notes and get any doubts clear at the earliest.

  • Start early

Have a goal and start your preparation early. Begin as early as standard IX and give yourself enough time to tackle the topics more comprehensively. Also the early you start, the better and more solid foundation you will have which will be very useful in the later stages of preparation and you can devote more time in solving and practicing questions.

  • Be passionate about the exam

Be passionate about your goal and keep all your focus on the exam. This is very essential to keep the boredom at bay and enjoying your preparation. Keep yourself updated regarding any notification about the exam by visiting its website. Read newspapers, magazines and general knowledge and current affairs books to enhance your all-around awareness. Don’t let the pressure of succeeding in exam hamper your preparation journey.

  • Practice

The more you practice, the more confident you will get about the syllabus. Solve as many mock tests as possible. Take up last year question papers and solve them in real time. During the practice, keep the time factor in mind. Don’t take too much time to solve a particular question. Practice on increasing your speed too.

  • Self-care

Don’t forget yourself in the mayhem of preparing for the exam. Don’t cut yourself from the family and the outer world. Take good care of yourself and remember that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Go out and play your favorite sport, watch a movie or have dinner with the family. These things are equally important as they will help you de-stress and keep you in best of your health.

Lastly, remember that you are your own competition and once you decide your goal, nobody can stop you from achieving it.

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