Are 9th standard marks essential for a student?

Though 9th standard marks are not important for examinations, it can provide the confidence to do well in the competitive examinations in the later phase of life. These marks are not checked by any institutions in the future, but the concepts learned can be helpful for their future education. Most of the subjects in the graduation level like mathematics can include the basics taught in 9th standard. Therefore a student needs to focus and score well to ensure they have understood the concepts taught.

Parents should always ensure they follow up the progress of the student in every standard the child is studying in. They should not focus only on the board examinations.

There are various benefits a student can get after scoring well in 9th standard, and these are –

Foundation for entrance exams: As said earlier, the syllabus taught plays a major role as most of the basics are taught at this level. Whether it is arts or mathematics or science, the level of importance is the same and student needs to be well versed in these basics to have a bright future Most of the institutions that provide coaching for the graduate entrance exams consider the marks attained in 9th standard. For being successful in such tests, these basics plays a major role.

Opportunities to study abroad: Most of the universities abroad considers the marks obtained in the 9th standard also. The continuity of the merit plays an important role and children should make sure they take the subjects taught in 9th standard seriously. Getting good score along with a deep understanding of the basics can be helpful for their future up takings.

Improves Academic continuity: Getting good marks in the 9th standard can give a better impression over the academic records. The continuity of getting good marks can result in a good graph of the marks obtained in the school life. Once the student pursues higher education, such continuity can be helpful for a better future.

Therefore the marks obtained not only in 10th standard but other grades play a major role. Being a topper or by attaining good marks, shows the students has a deep understanding concerning the concepts taught. Parents should always give importance to their level of understanding and the marks obtained which can thus result in a bright future of the student.

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