How to Improve your Math Skills

Are you struggling with Math and need help in understanding the concepts better?

Well, you probably don’t enjoy doing Math and thus it appears more tough. You are not alone, as a lot of people struggle with Mathematical calculations. And gradually due to the complexity of it the fear starts to set in. Nonetheless, it is most fundamental requirement of our lives.

Mathematical concepts are necessary in our everyday lives. It is not entirely a theory-based subject that you can mug-up and be over with. It has practical implementation all through our life. To improve your Math skills, you first need to face your fear and get over it.

Let’s begin with a step-by-step understanding on ‘how to improve your Math skills’.

  • Understanding your concepts to make a solid foundation

It begins here. Every Math problem is based on a concept. You must first comprehend the problem and should not move ahead unless completely clear with it. You don’t need to rush or put pressure on yourself. Take your time, once the concept is clear, the road ahead becomes a little less scary. Try to fathom the meaning with its practical implementation, to grasp the concept with utmost clarity.

Some concepts like tables, shortcuts and formulas acts as the base for tougher calculations and hence needs to be wired perfectly.

  • Practice and Practice More

Once your base or the concept is clear, now comes relentless practice. Every math concept has a practical implementation. Make addition, subtraction, division and multiplication a part of your ever day life. Solve simple calculations, right from addition of monthly bills, to calculating discount percentage offered during a sale. Such everyday implementations will help you practice the calculations in your head without the need of pen and paper and thus making you a little more comfortable with the subject.

Try to work on the problems that are already explained and solved by your teacher. Work on simplified problems first and then gradually as you gain confidence increase your difficulty level. A lot of practice will put you at ease and next time you won’t sweat looking at any math calculation.

  • Make a dedicated Book of Formulas

With so many shortcuts and formulas, it becomes difficult to remember them all. Pen down all the tricks, shortcuts and formulas you come across, dedicatedly in a separate book for your own reference. At times in the middle of solving a math problem, you find yourself unable to remember any formula or trick that you learned, this compilated formula book will come in handy.

From time to time go over this book and revise. Your handwritten concepts and timely revisions will ensure strong understanding and lay a solid foundation.

  • Find Solutions Your Way

Unlike the other subjects every Math equation can be solved in several different ways to get the correct answer. There is no rule that you can solve a problem a particular way. The most important aspect is that the answer. Find out the way that most interests you and apply your own method to make it less daunting.

This will gradually increase your confidence and the stress and fear will slowly fade away.

  • Solve Math Problems Regularly

It need not be the pen and paper but be consistently in touch with Mathematical calculations. It helps polishing your skills and aids to excel. Repeated practice instills the concepts in you and solidifies your learning. You are able to retain information better and apply when required. Work on the toughest topics with your peers in a fun and healthy study environment. Competing while attempting to achieve a solution, will boost your confidence and ease your Math anxiety forever.

Follow these aforementioned simple steps and improve your math skills significantly. It is the fear, stress and anxiety of things that makes it difficult for you to deal with them. Mathematics in general, is a very interesting subject. Its application to our everyday lives makes it all the moresignificant to learn it. Try to enjoy practicing it and you will gradually fall in love. Always remember that only dedication, commitment, constant efforts and patience can make things easier in life.

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