Looking for Top IB International Schools in Bangalore?

When it comes to education, your child deserves nothing but the best. A large portion of a child’s life is spent in school. So, to ensure that your child is an environment that is conducive to growth and development is essential. IB schooling is a novel concept that uses a unique approach to education.

With so many of them cropping up in every part of Bangalore, how do you know which one is best for your child?

Finding the Top IB International School

A good combination of academics and extra-curricular activities defines a good IB school. Here are some facilities that you should look:

  • Use of technology:

    With Canadian International School, one on one education is combined with the best possible technology. The 1:1 iPad training is a unique approach that uses resources available to students and integrates them into the curriculum of the students. This is the unique way to deliver instructions to students.

  • Enhancing creativity through art:

    Canadian International School provides a unique visual Arts Program that is meant to enhance the manner in which students perceive the world around them. This program sharpens observation and imagination in the children. It also urges them to think out of the box. The program is engaging and comprehensive to help each student reap its benefits.

  • Focus on music:

    Music is added to the curriculum to encourage students to showcase their talent and creativity. Different instruments are used to hone various skills in students.

  • Balance between academics and physical fitness:

    Several sports are made available to students in order to provide holistic education. Students learn basics of softball, basketball, soccer, swimming, athletics, and even life saving techniques. Students can pursue sports based on their interests. The focus is more on getting the students interested rather than pushing them to perform.

  • State of the art facilities:

    From boarding to campus facilities, students get nothing but the best. Boarding allows the students to enjoy a homely environment with quality furnishing, recreational facilities as well as good, healthy food. Campus facilities include a Performing Arts Centre, football grounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, yoga, and meditation center, fitness center and a running track. Students are provide with access to all facilities.

What you need to look for in an IB school is the use of different material and resources for the holistic development of the child. Canadian International School is also located away from the hustle and bustle of the city to help students focus and enjoy nature’s bounty.

The school welcomes students from various cultural backgrounds and ensures that everyone shares the space in harmony. Building leadership skills, communication skills and also physical fitness besides providing the best in academics sets this school apart from the rest.

Students are the priority and every measure is taken to make them feel comfortable and happy on campus. This creates a positive environment that allows students to develop and grow to their best capabilities. Canadian International School blends modern facilities with traditional values to provide the perfect system for your child. 

View the list of top IB international schools in bangalore

View the list of IB international schools in bangalore

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