Studying is super fun! Explore the new way of learning only at CIS.

Canadian International School provides a world-class education that helps provide skills to students that will last all their lives. We live in a global community that is ever-changing and with an aim to equip students for a secure future, learning at CIS is made super fun using novel teaching techniques.

Learning through experiences

Students at CIS learn through interactive field trips, hands-on activities as well as sensitization. They are introduced to NGOs and exposed to environmental issues that help them become more responsible. With the active participation of teachers, children make fun documentaries and even maintain a physical diary or record of all their activities. This not only broadens their information base but also makes them more imaginative in their approach to new concepts. Students are encouraged to choose both on and off-campus activities.

Introduction of technology

CIS is one of the few schools that has introduced iPads as an efficient way to deliver lessons. While keeping the whole process paperless, students become aware of the latest trends in technology. Digital Citizenship allows students to use what they are most comfortable with, i.e. technology and gadgets, while they learn.

Arts and Music

Visual art is an important part of learning. Through activities like drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, and other visual arts, the curriculum makes students creative in their approach. Learning music and learning how to create music also helps build confidence in the students as they learn to analyze and understand music as a great tool for communication. Art Course is important to help students express themselves better and also communicate using different tools and methods. 

Physical development

Sports is one of the best ways to introduce students to embrace a healthy lifestyle. At CIS, students are introduced to the basic concepts of basketball, cricket, softball, athletics and general health early on. This helps them remain fit, which increases their ability to focus and grasp academic concepts as well. Of course, children enjoy being outdoors and interacting with their peers while they learn these sports. The more the students are encouraged to stay physically active, the more they are able to strengthen their cognitive skills.

At CIS, learning is not restricted to academics. While academics is given a lot of importance through special scholarship programs, students are introduced to an array of different activities. This makes them enjoy the process of learning and developing essential life skills. Visit the website of top IB school in Bangalore

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