WHY CIS - Learn with Fun

When learning becomes fun, it helps students stay motivated and have overall development. Canadian International School focuses on a curriculum that gives students the opportunity to mould their skills through various activities that are provided as a part of the curriculum. While stressing on the importance of academics through scholarship programs, the aim is to make the curriculum as interesting as possible for the students.

Interactive Early Years program
With the primary goal of improving a student’s information base, building foundation skills and helping students form concepts easily, this program gives students an insight into arts, music, physical education, culture, and technology. Each of these subjects are delivered by some of the finest experts in the respective fields. This helps students become thinkers and also develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Contextual learning
This is a concept that is introduced at the Middle School level. With the goal of achieving better communication skills and compassion, this mode of learning allows students to go on field trips, learn with their hands, help NGOs, become active and aware towards the environment while also creating documentaries of their visits and experiences. Students are required to plan off campus and on campus activities where they interview members of the community, maintain a physical journal and even create movies with the active involvement of their teachers. The goal is to help students apply their learnings so they grow up to be more independent and self-sufficient global citizens.

Visual arts form an integral part of the curriculum. This allows students to learn traditional visual arts like drawing, painting, printmaking, architecture, and photography. Through the visual arts programs, students develop their imagination, observation and abilities to create and invent. They are able to express themselves better through the visual medium and this strengthens communication immensely.

Music is a powerful tool to help students build confidence and the ability to grasp concepts. Students are taught vocal music, instrumental music, music theory and music history. This helps them analyze music, create their own tunes and also experience and appreciate music from different cultures.

Physical fitness is extremely important to for students and at CIS, athletics and sports are given equal importance. Basics of cricket, softball, athletics, handball, soccer, basketball and health education are provided to all students, through all grades.

CIS was one of the first best international school in Bangalore to introduce a one-to-one iPad program. They are pioneers in educational technology which has led to a paradigm shift in the way lessons are taught to classrooms. Students from grade 6 up are taught through the iTunes U program which helps them learn better while empowering them to stay updated with advancements in technology.

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