Candor Shrine i School

  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Co-Educational


Education, by and large, encapsulates the parameters of mental vision, attitude, perception and goal setting in the life process. It helps to unfold the latent powers and potential of an individual hidden within. Growth being a never ending process requires a constant cherishment of experience. True education should, therefore, help us to reconstruct and reorganize rich experiences for future needs through creative activity. The success of an organization, therefore, is largely dependent on ethnics of personality and a high fidelity system based on faith and trust of the parents.

Admission Procedure

  • IIT (JEE) NEET examinations are conducted by CBSE Board only.
  • IIT (JEE) and NEET programme continued for 18 months without any disturbance of board exams because they don’t have XI Class Public Exam.
  • Sufficient time available for the student to prepare for competitive exam.
  • CBSE programme is more suitable for BITSAT, AFMC & NDA Exams
  • In lieu of Telugu / Sanskrit / Hindi you can opt for Sports & Games.
  • Maority of students are selected to IIT & NEET are from CBSE only
  • CBSE Syllabus is more friendly and interesting to study. XII Board Exam results are mostly favourable and very few students fail in CBSE Exam.
  • State X & ICSE students also can join in CBSE XI & XII.
  • Most of administrators of country have rationalistic thought, applicative mind and like wise. CBSE curriculum is the main essence of it.
  • CBSE curriculum personality adds to figure.


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  • Computer Lab
    Computer Lab
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  • Library
  • Play Ground
    Play Ground
  • Transport
  • Sportss

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