Lucrative Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Thinking of a career in digital marketing? Options are abundant for the candidate with good IT education

  • Job Pressure High
  • Academic Pressure Medium
  • Early Salary 1.2 L - 1.9 L
  • Mid Level Salary2.5 L - 3.5 L
  • Senior Salary 6 L - 8 L

Lucrative Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Thinking of a career in digital marketing? Options are abundant for the candidate with good IT education and experience. Whether you need to get a product to sell or you’re looking different ways to engage with customers to build brand awareness, digital marketing is flexible, versatile and fascinating enough from all perspectives.

Digital marketing is a big industry and many things are going under it. Individuals looking for multitude of roles in digital marketing needs a wide variety of skills. Different career opportunities that you can go with in digital marketing include content or email marketer, social media marketer, e-commerce executive, inbound marketer, SEO or PPC executive or PR expert. It’s truly amazing to choose from great options. It’s a good idea to think about getting training in few special areas, unless you want to engage yourself in management.

Skills Required

The digital economy is seen in everywhere of our lives today. People with technical mind, creativity, and business mind have plenty of demand and high earning. People with business or communication background may consider engaging into management.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing include different roles and skills to become a true professional and avail different career opportunities.

Digital Marketing Manager

The position of a digital marketing manager is the highest in the field of digital marketing. To attain this position, an individual must have 5-7 years of experience. The people holding this position look after overall marketing development and strategies that aid in making improvements in website.

Web Developer & Web Designer

Web developers and web designers are responsible for creating amazing websites. Individual with this specific role is responsible for designing, coding and modifying website to make it highly appealing and user-friendly. To make your career as a web designer, you must have knowledge of Java Script, JQuery, HTML, CSS and web programming.

Social Media Executive (SEO) and Social Media Manager (SMO)

Social media job is the coolest jobs in the digital marketing sector. An individual holding social media job need to keep eyes on the latest social media trends and plan strategies with the content ream and client servicing team frequently. They must have knowledge about all the social media platforms and immense creativity to justify their roles.

SEO Executive/Expert

A well designed website has always been in demand. Companies engage in promotional activities always hire SEO executives to ensure that their company website is rocking throughout the web. SEO executives are responsible for getting huge traffic on the website and boosting Google rankings. They also need to make sure that the contents posted on their website are search-engine friendly, keyword research friendly and with good sitemaps.

PPC/SEM Expert

PPC or SEM experts in the digital marketing company are responsible for generating good leads for the company. Being such expert, you need to manage PPC keywords, split ad groups, refurnish landing pages, create reports and offer suggestions for graphics and ad copies.

Content Writer

Digital marketing always offer good career opportunities to the creative writers. Responsibilities a content writer play include high quality content creation, latest content trends, good knowledge of SEO and better co-ordination with SEO and development team. If you want to engage in content writing, it’s must to have a great knowledge of English language with good creativity.

Other Opportunities

Other career opportunities that digital marketing field offers to the job seekers in IT field include Analytics Manager, CRM Manager, Email Marketing Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Digital Agency Account Director and more.


As far as salary of people looking for job in digital marketing is concerned, it primarily depends on the type of organization and your role. Digital marketing manager salary is between 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs, SEO manager, SEM/PPC expert, web developer/designer and social media manager salaries are between 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs. Many of the recognized organizations offers career enhancement courses in digital marketing that encompasses different aspects of digital marketing that gives you theoretical knowledge and practical training.

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