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Since the time of our childhood, we are forced to study and stand on our own legs. Willingly or unwillingly we are asked to study and then beat several entrance tests after school. We all are born to live a successful life where we can earn and spend lavishly. We don’t need to ask or depend on anyone for our basic or common needs. Entrance tests make us more capable and attentive to face the competition and get the best results at the end. The ability to hit these exams makes it possible for a student to pass it. The direction and hope of a mentor is enough to be at the top. No matter that mentor are you parents or your teacher. And, if no one of these, be your own mentor. Go ahead!

What CAT is all about ?

CAT is one of the commonly known entrances that provide a tough competition between several students. It is not that easy but, if you are well prepared and confident enough with your preparation, no one could ever stop you. In fact, CAT which is widely represented as Common Admission Test is comparatively the most challenging entrance of the country. The reason behind is not the questions that are asked in the examination, but the number of students appearing for this particular exam are quite high. And, the probability of admission is very low as the seats available in IIM are reserved also. A very renowned saying, You can, if you think you can , will make everything possible.

How you are selected ?

The prime selection procedure includes 50% marks in the bachelor’s degree, original mark sheets, original degree or the certificate equivalent signed by the Director of the particular college, or the CGPA percentage. If you are unable to fulfil any of these requirements, you will not be allowed to sit for the examination. Various sections are divided on the basis of verbal, quantitative, logical and data interpretation.

About The Test :

There is no break while you are appearing for the test. The total time for the test is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The total questions in the test are 60 that will be divided into three basic categories: quantitative, verbal, data and interpretation abilities. The date of CAT 2012 will be released soon as it is not declared yet!

Time Does Matter :

The most important factor that has to be kept in mind is the Time factor. There are times when we know each and every answer and we are capable enough to solve those queries, but due to the lack of time, we are unable to attend. So, attempting a question is not a big deal, but the time limit makes the big difference. One should practice the sample papers keeping a clock beside and count the number of minutes or seconds required to solve one question. Regularly practicing this will make your speed fast and you will be able to finish the paper on time.

Perfection is All That You Need:

The thing that shouldn’t be ignored anyhow is what you do should be perfect, no matter how much! The main motive behind this sentence is it really matters that the questions attended by you should be correct. There is no use of attending each and every query carelessly rather than attempting limited number of queries with 100% perfection. What matters most is the quality of the answer, on the quantity if the answers. Sincerity, patience, focus and efforts are required to attempt this exam. It requires such abilities and if you have one, you have a long way to go.

Keep in Mind :

Now, when it comes to perfection, it needs mind exercise, ability, knowledge and polishing of your skills. All this could be easily gained by playing games like Sudoku that provides you with analytical and reasoning abilities. The group discussion would help in raising their knowledge about current affairs also. You can collect study material from coaching institutes and start preparing on your own. Reading, practicing, and writing will polish your language.

Go ahead and crack it!

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