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Those of you browsing through this website are either in the process of considering AES as the school of choice for your children, or have already done so. Let us take this opportunity to tell you why we think this choice is a superb one !

AES is a very special place. We have one of the finest facilities in the world. Our campus remains an environment surrounded by nature and responsive to the natural world.

Our mission statement calls for students to become community contributors, and this goal is apparent not only in the friendly, helpful faces you find on campus, but in the true involvement many of us have in our surrounding community. The remainder of our mission statement and strategic objectives calls for each of us to become passionate learners and to empower students to pursue their unique qualities and aspirations. In short, AES is a place where people learn to fulfill their dreams and goals, and in so doing, help to make the world a better place for all. The American Embassy School is truly a place where students are nurtured and cherished!

Admission Procedure

The Admissions Office will begin accepting applications for school year 2013-2014 on November 15, 2012.  Submitting the application is the first step to completing the application process. The Admissions Office is now using an online application and will no longer accept paper applications from those applying for SY 13-14.  A link to the online application is available below.  All supporting documents may be uploaded into the application or may be scanned/emailed directly to the Admissions Office. In the near future, application fee and advance deposit payments may be made online after submitting the application. For the time being, please submit payments by wire transfer, by courier or in person at AES.

August Admissions

Applications are accepted in the Admissions Office starting 15 November for the next academic year, which begins in August. The application process should be complete by 1 May.  Families deciding to move to Delhi after the 1 May deadline should contact the Admissions Office as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the family to submit all documents required to complete the application process, including obtaining confidential recommendations from your child's teacher at all times of year.

January Admissions

The 2nd semester of an Academic Year begins when school re-opens in January.  The deadline for submitting all required documents and completing the admissions process for the 2nd semester is November 15. 

AES will continue to accept students throughout the year, if space is available. Generally, no new students will be admitted after the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Application Checklist

In order for a student to complete the application process and earn a position in the Wait Pool or be offered admission, the following documents and required payments must be submitted:

AES Online Application - The online application must be complete, including details for both parents, all siblings and a complete education history. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

US$300.00 non-refundable application fee (payable by US$ personal check, US$ bank draft, Indian rupee check OR if paid in person at AES, then dollars cash or rupees cash can be accepted)

School records: the previous two years of school records and the mid-year report of the current school year in English; (include a copy of the original non-English version if the records have been translated, progress reports, report cards, summary of special services, copies of educational/psychological evaluations, and standardized test results)
*high school applicants must provide a complete official transcript for credit and hand-carry the full withdrawal transcript in the summer

AES Confidential Recommendation Form (School to School) Korean Version
>Elementary (EC 4-Gr. 5) and Middle school (Gr. 6-8) applicants must submit ONE from the current classroom
(English, Math or Science) teacher;
>High School applicants must submit TWO : 1) English teacher, and 2) Math or Science teacher

EC 4 Developmental Questionnaire (parents of ECEC 4 applicants only)

Picture/Info. page of valid passport for both the applicant and parent(s) (photocopy)

Employer Verification Letter (parents/applicants not holding USA passports)
On company letterhead confirming :
      >name / designation of employed parent;
      >base in New Delhi;
      >start & end dates of contract;
      >children’s names & date of birth;

New Student Health Form (Completed by parents)

Enrollment Agreement (Completed and signed by both the parents and applicant)
The following must be submitted prior to 1 May:

US$2000 advance deposit (This deposit required of all students –Failing which the student will not be entered in the wait pool or enrolled.) Click here for the Advance Deposit policy.
AES Physical Examination(to be completed by a licensed medical practitioner within 3 months of the anticipated starting date and submitted prior to the first day of classes)
The school reserves the right to reconsider an offer of admission if undisclosed information becomes apparent.
All decisions will be made in accordance with AES Board Policy.

Submitting Required Documents

The sooner the application process is fully completed, the better position a non-American applicant will earn in the Wait Pool. The longer the delay in submitting the required documents, the greater the risks in not gaining a seat. At most grade levels, a back-up plan will be essential for families not holding a US passport.

All documents may be sent by scan/email to for time sake.  Additionally, once all of the details are organized, please put them into one packet and send it by DHL /FedEx /UPS or other reliable international courier.  It is important to note that the Admissions Office is not part of the diplomatic pouch loop.  So, please do not send any paperwork to us via this route.


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