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The institute is designed to train promising boys and girls in the fundamentals of all round development of the child’s personality. The practical presentation and emphasis on creative ideas are significant aspects of the educational training provided for the students.

Children come to the school to learn and grow. Parents the little ones to us with the hope and belief that the school will provide them with a richer and more stimulating environment then perhaps the home can provide. Our school education therefore provides such rich experiences to the child that helps him/her to development of the child.

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The Laboratories
We have Science and Maths, laboratories, which are well equipped, fitted with latest, globally comparable equipment and components.
Under the expert guidance of teachers and technicians students will be made to perform various experiments, successfully as required by the curriculum.
The inclination to experiment and try out new ideas is encouraged at St.Columbo Public School right from the smallest close. Student’s quest to earn knowledge is encouraged.

The Library
The Library at St.Columbo Public School is a place where students look forward to spending some quality time and gain knowledge.
We at St.Columbo Public School believe “books are one’s best companions”. We have a vast reserviour of books, magazines, audiovisual aids. Children can find books on Fiction, Prose, Poetry, Philosophy, Geography, History, General awareness and many more.
Our aim is to make our children avid readers for life. The children get ample opportunities to attend the seminars, workshops and avail different learning packages.

Art’s Room
We at St.Columbo Public School believe in developing the child’s aesthetic sense. In the Art’s room the students are encouraged to be innovative and creative. The creative ability of the child is knocked. Recycling Waste material and making innovative and attractive articles out of them is also taught and encouraged.

Music Room
We have a wonderful music room at St.Columbo Public School. We help in developing the musical intelligence of the children. Children at St.Columbo Public School are taught in depth about the music and they are also taught to play various instruments depending on their abilities.

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