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About Dnipro National Polytechnic University

The National Mining University, Ukraine's leading mining university, was founded on June 16, 1899. It was destined to become the first in the entire Dnieper region. -technological Institute (1930), Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute (1930), North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute (1931), Research Chemical Institute. PG Melikishvili in Tbilisi (1929), Moscow Welding Institute (1925), All-Union Research Design and Technology Institute of Pipe Industry (1929), Institute of Physical Chemistry. LV Pisarzhevsky in Kiev (1927) and others.

The opening ceremony of the Ekaterinoslav Higher Mining School took place on September 30 (October 12, 1899) in the Potemkin Palace (now the Students' Palace). SM Suchkov, a mining engineer (1899-1908), was appointed the first director of the Kyiv City State University.

The Higher Mining School initially had two departments - mining and factory. The curriculum under the "Regulations on KVGU" provided for the teaching of 23 disciplines: theology, higher mathematics, analytical mechanics, structural mechanics, applied mechanics, mining mechanics, physics, chemistry, electromechanics, mineralogy, geology and field science, geology mining art, ore and coal beneficiation, surveying art, construction art, metallurgy, metal technology, drawing and descriptive geometry, accounting and mining, technical translations from foreign languages ​​(German or French), assistance in case of accidents. The educational process was provided by 13 teachers, including 2 ordinary professors (VV Kurilov, DM Sintsov) and 1 extraordinary professor (SK Sobolevsky).

The National Mining University has long and close scientific and educational ties with many countries around the world. In the 1940's and 1960's, students from socialist countries studied here. Professors, associate professors and teachers were sent abroad to work in universities, create laboratories, transfer work experience. In the 1970s, the number of teachers who traveled to Asia and Africa for the same purpose increased. The revival of international contacts began in the late 1980s. Today NMU cooperates with many mining and technical universities in Poland, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA, Belgium and others. In particular, he is one of the founders of the International University of Resources, which includes Europe's leading mining universities.

The Mining University has a rich history of cultural life. In 1968, the Uglyk literary studio began its work at the DGI, which still operates today. In 1963, the student amateur film studio "Youth" was founded - the winner of many festivals of amateur cinema. In 1988, the Faculty of Humanities was established, thanks to which students could, in addition to technical courses, listen to lectures on the history of culture and arts. Since 1999, the Institute of Humanitarian Problems named after Hero of Ukraine PT Tronka.

The National Mining University has a long tradition, which is combined with modern tasks - to train not only highly professional staff in each specialty, but also highly cultured people, conscious citizens of their country. The modern period of the university's history is the years of its international recognition as a leading technical higher educational institution of Ukraine.

Honorary titles of the university

For many years of impeccable work at the university and merits in scientific and pedagogical, organizational and administrative, social and educational work, as well as a significant contribution to the development of the university, creation of its material and technical and production base, development of international relations, participation in other activities to increase the national and international prestige of the university as a recognized institution of higher education, the National Technical University "Dnipro Polytechnic" establishes honorary titles, awards and distinctions.

Honorary titles:

Honorary Doctor of NTU "Dnipro Polytechnic" (for foreign citizens, English - Honorable Doctor)

Honorary Professor of NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic" (for foreign citizens, English - Honorable Professor)

  • Honored Professor of NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic"
  • Honored Lecturer of NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic"
  • Honored Scientist of NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic"
  • Honored Worker of NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic"

Awards and honors:

  • Medal "For Devotion to the University" and "Sign of Gratitude"
  • Medal of Terpygorev Alexander Mitrofanovich
  • Medal of Dinnik Alexander Nikolaevich
  • Medal of Pisarzhevsky Lev Vladimirovich
  • Medal of Merit
  • Honorary diploma of NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic"
  • Gratitude of the rector of the university
  • A valuable gift

The procedure for awarding honorary titles, awards and distinctions is determined by Section VIII of the Rules of Internal Labor Regulations of the University and the Regulations on Honorary Titles.

Dnipro National Polytechnic University Courses & Fee

Dnipro National Polytechnic University UG Courses

Avg. Fees Per Year
B.TECH , 4 Year Full Time
Civil Engineering
Tution Fee : $2500 /Yr.

Tuition Fee in INR 1,85,000 / Year (Approx.)

B.TECH , 4 Year Full Time
Oil and Gas Technologies
Tution Fee : $2500 /Yr.

Tuition Fee in INR 1,85,000 / Year (Approx.)

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