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About Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University established in 1805. Kharkiv National Medical University, formerly known as Kharkiv Medical Institute and previously Kharkiv State Medical University, is a medical university in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Over 700 teachers work at the departments of the university. Kharkiv National Medical University has passed a glorious historical path from the faculty to the higher educational institution, which trains not only highly qualified doctors, but also pedagogical and scientific personnel for medicine.

The history of the Higher Medical School of Kharkiv Region is 215 years and is closely connected with the history of the Imperial Kharkiv University, from the medical faculty of which Kharkiv National Medical University traces its history.

In 1920, Kharkiv University was abolished, its medical faculty was merged with the Women's Medical Institute, as a result of which the Kharkiv Medical Academy was formed, which a year later, in 1921, was renamed the Kharkiv Medical Institute. It had two faculties: medical and preventive and odontological.

Among the teachers of the institute were prominent academicians and professors: anatomist VP Vorobyov, who embalmed the body of VI Lenin with his students; physiologist V.Ya. Danilevsky - one of the founders of labor physiology and endocrinology; surgeon VM Shamov, who founded in Kharkov the first in Ukraine institute of hematology and blood transfusion, future academician and winner of the Lenin Prize; biochemist OV Palladin - the founder of the Institute of Biochemistry, which now bears his name; Honored Professors: MP Trinkler, an outstanding surgeon, a pioneer of asepsis in Kharkiv, and MS Bokarius - the founder of forensic science in forensic medicine; neurologist OM Grinstein and pathologist MF Melnikov-Razvedenkov, microbiologist MM Tsekhnovitser and pharmacologist OI Cherkes, hygienist OM Marzeev, dentist YM Gofung and many others.

In 1994, by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Kharkiv Medical University was established on the basis of the KhMI. According to the results of accreditation, Kharkiv Higher Medical School received the highest category, which it still justifies today. Currently, KhNMU teaches at six faculties and 63 departments. In addition to 4 medical, there is also a dental and postgraduate faculty. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the university is over 700 people. Among them are 122 professors and 236 associate professors, 110 and 445 people have the titles of doctor and candidate of medical sciences, respectively. The university staff includes a full member of the NAS of Ukraine and two corresponding members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 4 laureates of the State Prizes of Ukraine, 18 honored workers of science and technology, 8 honored doctors, 2 honored workers of education of Ukraine.

The educational and material base of the university is organized by 6 educational buildings. On the basis of the departments located here, pre-clinical training of junior students is carried out. From the third year students study on clinical bases. 40 clinical departments of the university are located in clinical treatment and prevention facilities and have 7,500 beds. In 2005, the construction of a training dental clinic was completed.

  • member of the International Association of Universities of the World, registered with UNESCO;
  • is a member of the Organization for PhD programs in biomedicine and medical sciences in Europe ORPHEUS;
  • has a certificate of international institutional accreditation for 5 years (24.12.2020-23.12.2025) from the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (HAAP / IAAR);
  • 7 faculties: I medical, II medical, III medical, IV medical, dental and V, VI, VII faculties on preparation of foreign students of the Educational and scientific institute on preparation of foreign citizens of KhNMU. Professional training of doctors and researchers is carried out in internships, master's programs, clinical residencies, postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  • 71 departments have a high staff potential: 949 scientific and pedagogical workers, of which 119 professors have the title of professor, 262 associate professors, 133 have the degree of doctor of medical sciences, 555 have the degree of candidate of sciences. correspondents of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 15 honored workers of science and technology of Ukraine, 17 honored doctors of Ukraine, honored worker of pharmacy of Ukraine, 3 honored workers of education of Ukraine, 9 laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology, 21 academicians of state and public academies of Ukraine;
  • modern multidisciplinary educational institution with a strong scientific and logistical base, including: Educational and Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education, Educational and Scientific Institute of Education Quality, Educational and Scientific Institute for Training of Foreign Citizens, 6 educational research and production associations, 6 centers : educational and scientific medical complex "University Clinic", Research Institute of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, University Dental Center, Center for Preclinical and Clinical Research, Center for Gender Education, Center for Medical Local Lore; 4 problem laboratories and Medical College;
  • a total of 9,379 students, interns, masters, clinical residents, graduate students and doctoral students, including 4,327 foreign nationals from 72 countries;
  • medical-consultative work and clinical training of students, interns is carried out at the university at 48 clinical departments, which are located at 106 clinical bases in 70 treatment-and-prophylactic and specialized medical institutions of Kharkiv region and Kharkiv and 3 scientific-practical medical centers of the university. 106 agreements on cooperation with basic medical and preventive institutions have been concluded;
  • 5 specialized scientific councils for the defense of doctoral and candidate dissertations in the following specialties: "Obstetrics and Gynecology", "Pathological Anatomy", "Surgery", "Dentistry", "Human Anatomy", "Pathological Physiology", "Internal Medicine", "Pediatrics "," Cardiology "," Nephrology "," Urology "," Anesthesiology and Intensive Care "," Hygiene and Occupational Pathology "," Social Medicine ".
  • participation in 193 international scientific forums and 544 all-Ukrainian scientific forums;
  • cooperation with 22 foreign organizations;
  • participation in the implementation of 19 international projects, in particular, 205 employees are members of 213 foreign scientific and medical organizations;
  • Scientific library, the fund of which numbers more than 1 million copies. Its structure includes 8 departments, 9 sectors and an extensive network of service points with automated book publishing: 5 subscriptions, 11 reading rooms (including 2 rooms for electronic information for students and researchers) for 350 seats, as well as library points at the departments;
  • 16 computer classes; more than 550 modern computers, video and audio equipment are used in the educational process;
  • active functioning of 15 scientific and pedagogical schools;
  • student government, six dormitories, successful work of the Youth Center, sports and recreation complex, sports and recreation camp "Medic".

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