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O.O. Bogomolets State Medical University

O.O. Bogomolets State Medical University

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About O.O. Bogomolets State Medical University

Bogomolets National Medical University (NMU) is a medical school founded in 1841 in Kyiv, Russian Empire by the Russian Tsar Nicolas I. The university is named after physiologist Alexander A. Bogomolets. NMU provides medical training for over 10,000 students, including about 1,300 foreigners from 56 countries.[citation needed] The university employs about 1,200 teaching staff.

Bogomolets National Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Ukraine. The degree of the university is recognized by the world's most credible organizations like WHO, UNESCO, MCI. It offers various courses in undergraduate and post-graduate levels to students. The university consists of 10 faculties. Bogomolets National Medical University also has a separate Institute for Post Graduate Education. The university is a pioneer in training medical specialists and research personnel in the field of healthcare. Bogomolets National Medical University has around 1500 professors. Included in the numbers are 855 Phd and 205 Doctors of Sciences. Thus, the students are trained by expert professionals and academicians in the field of medicine.

The Medical Faculty of the University of Kiev, reorganized in 1920 into the Kiev Medical Institute, was founded in April 1840. 22 medical students who entered the faculty listened to the first lecture on anatomy on September 9, 1841.

Due to the lack of proper premises for the medical faculty, its opening was planned for 1842, when it was planned to complete the construction of the main university building. However, the need for doctors, especially in connection with the widespread epidemics in the country, was so great that in December 1840 Minister Uvarov, to change the previous decree, proposed to the administration of the University of Kiev in early 1841/42 AD. to open the 1st year of the medical faculty.

According to the charter of 1842, intended exclusively for the University of Kiev, the medical faculty was to consist of the following departments: 1) physiological anatomy with micrography; 2) physiology of a healthy person; 3) physiology of a sick person, or pathological physiology with pathological anatomy; 4) general therapy and "medical substance" with the necessary instructions on toxicology; 5) operative surgery with a surgical clinic; 6) theoretical surgery with ophthalmology; 7) private therapy in full; 8) therapeutic clinic with semiotics; 9) theoretical and practical obstetrics, obstetric clinic; 10) state medical science, which includes: a) forensic medicine; b) medical police with hygiene; c) medical law, ie a summary of the case, the order of service, as well as information on civil service and jurisprudence to the extent necessary for the doctor; d) veterinary police with epizootic diseases. These departments were to be replaced gradually, with the organization of senior courses at the medical faculty.

The success of the medical faculty of Kyiv University is largely due to the fact that its development, as well as the origin of the faculty, is associated with the name of MI Pirogov. In the Diary of an Old Doctor, Mykola Ivanovych, talking about his activities as a member and commission at the Ministry of Education, says: “All affairs and even the election of medical faculties of all Russian universities passed through our hands. Especially the newly established at that time medicine faculty of Kiev University was almost entirely established and elected to our Commission."

In the early 60's of the XIX century. At the University of Kyiv, the activities of the prominent Ukrainian Yu. K. Shimanovsky began, who came to Kyiv at the invitation of MI Pirogov. Pirogov significantly influenced Szymanowski's activity in the field of surgery. His interest in osteoplasty, as well as achievements in the development and improvement of various osteoplastic methods are inextricably linked with the works of MI Pirogov in this field. At the personal request of Nikolai Ivanovich Szymanowski wrote an explanation of his classic work "Surgical anatomy of arterial trunks and fascia", as well as elaborated and supplemented illustrations to it.

Ukrainian anatomist and histologist VO Betz made a significant contribution to the study of microscopic anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system. His classic work "Anatomy of the surface of the brain" was the beginning of the modern doctrine of the cellular structure of the cerebral cortex. VO Betz's research on the structure of the adrenal glands, bone development and growth, and clinical diagnosis were also of great importance.

The works of the founder of the Kyiv school of pathologists VV Pidvysotsky are widely known, devoted to the microscopic structure of the pancreas, the regeneration process, problems of general pathology, infection and immunity, etiology of malignant tumors, endocrinology and more. The textbook "Fundamentals of General Pathology" written by him in Kyiv survived 20 editions and was translated into 17 languages.

O.O. Bogomolets State Medical University Courses & Fee

O.O. Bogomolets State Medical University UG Courses

Avg. Fees Per Year
MBBS , 6 Year Full Time
Tution Fee : $3500 /Yr.

Tuition Fee in INR 2,59,000 / Year (Approx.)

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