courses after 12th PCM

Bachelor of Science years

Bachelor of Science is three-year degree programme offered in multitude of specializations under the pure sciences domain such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology etc.

Job Scope:

Teacher & Lecturar, Assist. Research Scientist, Drug Safety Associate, Forensic Science Specialist, Pharmacovigilance Expert, Quality Analyst, Graduate level Exams, BPO, SSC Exams

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Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) years

The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), recognized by Council of Architecture (COA), is 5-year degree programme including a period of practical training prior to professional examination and registration.

Job Scope:

Design Architect, Project Architect, Interior Architect, Data Analyst, Architecture Designer, Architecture Engineer, Interior Designer, Architecture Draftsman, Staff Consultant, Technical Assistant, Project Assistant Manager, Manager, Sales/Business development Manager, Architectural Assistant, Architectural Historian/Journalist, Art Director, Building Contractor, Landscape Architect

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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) years

Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate degree course of three years which equips candidate with skills to analyze & synthesize computer systems, applications & information systems.

Job Scope:

Programmer, Networking Professional

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Bachelor of Engineering (BE/B Tech) years

BE/B Tech is a four-year engineering degree programme approved by AICTE in specific branchs such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Information Technology etc.

Job Scope:

IT Professional, Government Contractors, Assistant Engineers, Chief Engineer, Development and Test Engineers, Director of Public Works, Electrical Product Design Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Executive Engineers, Independent Consultants, Lecturer, Product Development Engineer, Junior Engineers, Machanical Design Engineers

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Bachelor of Planning years

Bachelor of planning is a professional four-year technical degree programme which prepares candidates with adequate skills for infrastructure planning in different capacities.

Job Scope:

Professional Planner, Architectural Firms, Urban Planning Manager, Urban Planner/ Architect, Assistant Professor, Assistant Vice President Business Development (Urban), Architecture Manager, Project Manager

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Courses after 12th PCM

The 12th standard is a vital turn in your academic life as your decision into any field will have a lifelong effect on your career. So you need to make a wise decision after you consider all available options. One important suggestion is to select the option, which interests you.

A majority of students with a PCM combination in 12th class aspire to do engineering, and often are stuck with the thought that, ‘If not engineering, then what?’

Many PCM students naturally shift towards engineering after 12th, because they never actually stop to evaluate and choose their options, and partially because they have been led by their parents or friends or the society to believe that engineering is the only choice available for a PCM student.

To make things easier for these students, we have some listings below:

#1 Engineering

Engineering courses are the extensively opted courses for which Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in class 12th is the eligibility requirement. There are many diversifications in engineering with endless opportunities in the job market which drive the candidates into it every year. Some popular branches in engineering are computer science, civil, mechanical, electrical, IT, petroleum, and agricultural.

#2 Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) is a five years course. A career in architecture requires you to have a keen observation, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking, an art of efficient use of space, and being farsighted.

#3 Commercial Pilot Course

A perfect blend of science, technology and travel, that’s a career in Aviation industry which can top your list if you are looking for a career to skip the routine of 9 to 5. Being a Commercial Pilot, you would require taking command of a flight’s controls, and making sure that the passengers and cargo are carried safely around the globe.

#4 Merchant Navy Course

If you are okay to being on a ship for prolonged period of time with an intermittent contact with the family then this can be a promising career for you, both professionally and financially.

#5 Bachelors in Computer Science

With a strong control over programming languages you can work as a web designer, system analyst Software Developer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator, App Developer and so on.

#6 Bachelors in Mathematics

Mathematics forms an excellent base for fields involving computation, numbers, and data. Thus, a degree in mathematics can be a stepping-stone for a wide range of careers, which can be promising for a good start of life.

#7 Career in Pharmacy

There is a huge demand for pharmacists in the medical field. In pharmacy, students study about the chemical structure, function, combination, uses, and preparation of the medicines. This is a job-oriented course.

Apart from the listed options, there are many others options available for the PCM students like;

  • Career in Ethical Hacking
  • Career in Industrial Design
  • Career in Forensic Science
  • Career in Fashion technology
  • Career in Physics
  • Career in Defense
  • Teaching and so on.

So, evaluate all the options carefully and make a wise decision.