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Several competitions run along once you pass your inter-school examination. The prime goal of every individual preparing for engineering is IIT. Indian Institutes of Technology have benchmarked itself among the best and topmost institutes that provide the best education in the country. These are one of the prestigious colleges, which are preferred by every individual. IIT is a dream of every aspirant who devotes himself for studies and wants to prove him the best throughout the world. So, the choice is yours whether you want to become an IITian or complete your education from some other regular college

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It is the most prestigious entrance examination for engineering. Though it is not that easy to pass its entrance, but it is not that easy too. You need a lot of concentration, motivation, practice and humour to get successful in this examination. IIT JEE is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology itself. It is the most dignified and popular exam which is very well-known worldwide.

Main Eligibility Factors -

S.No.Mains Eligibility FactorsAdvanced Eligibility Factors
1. Nationality Main Score
2. Age Limit & Date of Birth Age Limit & Date of Birth
3. Year of Appearance in 12th Class or Equivalent Exam College Admission Criteria
4. Qualifying Exams Names Qualifying Exams Names
5. No. of Subjects in Qualifying Exams Marks obtained in Qualifying Exams
6. Total No. of Attempts to appear in Main Total No. of Attempts to appear in Advanced
7. Marks obtained in Qualifying Exams -

Important Points & Dates

The first and foremost thing that a student should always focus upon is his/her sleep. The number of hours you sleep matters the most while you are preparing for any entrance exam or so. If you sleep properly, you are all fresh to go and give the exam. For instance, if you don’t know the correct address of the examination centre, you could always have an hour extra to get yourself at the correct place. You should always revise your stuff thoroughly before entering the hall.

S.No.Important ActivitiesExam Dates
1. IIT JEE Exam Date 2018 for Mains 8th April (Paper 2), 15th & 16th April (Paper 1)
2. JEE Mains 2018 Registration Date 1st Dec to 1st Jan
3. IIT JEE Admit Card Date 2018 for Mains 12th March 2018
4. IIT JEE Result Date 2018 for Mains 30th April 2018
5. IIT JEE 2018 Exam Date for Advanced 20th May
6. IIT JEE Exam Date for Advanced Admit Card Release 14th May 2018
7. IIT JEE 2018 Result Date for Advanced Exam 10th June 2018
8. B Arch IIT JEE Exam Date 2018 8th April 2018
9. B Arch IIT JEE Result 2018 Date 31st May 2018
10. IIT JEE Counselling 2018 Date 15th June 2018
11. JEE Last Date of Counselling 19th July 2018

Study Material

Particularly, there is no such study material available for the preparation of IIT JEE. Only the coaching, institutes and your own notes can work greatly. Also, there are several books that can help you with stuffs like mathematics, reasoning, mechanics, physics, electricity and magnetism, chemistry, algebra, vectors, etc. Some of the common authors for various renowned books are: Physics by HC Sharma, Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd, Geometry by GN Berman and the list is never ending.

Things to Remember

You will surely crack the exam if you keep in mind some of the main points. First of all, you should be encouraged enough to get ready for the entrance. This exam is being faced by umpteen numbers of candidates and only the lucky ones are able to get through. As discussed above, sleeping hours are very much important to hit the examination paper. You should apply your own mind while studying as there is no use of copying others in this case. You should be crystal clear with your own concepts and imaginations. Go ahead and hit it.


For Paper 1
Subjects Questions Marks
Physics 30 120
Chemistry 30 120
Mathematics 30 120
Total 90 360
For Paper 2
Subjects Questions Marks
Mathematics 30 120
Aptitude Test 50 200
Drawing Test 2 70
Total 82 390
S. No. Subjects Duration
1. Freehand Drawing 36 Minutes
2. Geometrical Drawing 36 Minutes
3. Three - dimensional perception 36 Minutes
4. Imagination and Aesthetic Sensitivity 36 Minutes
5. Architectural Awareness 36 Minutes
Total 3 Hours


Complex Numbers

Linear Inequalities

Permutations and Combinations

Binomial Theorem

Sequences and Series

Matrices and Determinants

Quadratic Equations

Relations and Functions


Differential Calculus

Integral Calculus

Differential Equations


Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Two Dimensional Geometry

Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines

Circles and Family of Circles

Conic Sections

Vector Algebra

Three Dimensional Geometry
Units and Dimensions


Solids and Fluids

Heat and Thermodynamics

Ray and Wave Optics

Modern Physics

Electrostatics, Current Electricity and Magnetostatics

Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves

Oscillations and Waves

Basic Concepts

Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Equilibrium and Thermodynamics

Electrochemistry, Kinetics and Surface Chemistry

Solid State and Solutions


S-Block Elements

P-Block Elements

D, f-Block Elements

Co-ordination Compounds

Basic Organic Chemistry and Techniques

Hydrocarbons, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acids and Amines

Polymers and Biomolecules

Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry in Everyday Life

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