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List of Public Schools in Chandigarh

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Public Schools in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a cosmopolitan city wherein people belonging to several states and countries reside here. It is a well-planned city in terms of planning and infrastructure. The city boasts of several public schools which offer quality education.

Tremendous changes are seen in the field of education in the past few decades. Earlier only government schools were functioning in many places. But gradually private schools also started coming up. Public schools are organized usually by a committee or a group. They have set new standards in education. People associate public schools with quality education and most of them strive in their field for excellence.

In Chandigarh, there are many public schools catering to the needs of the people living in various sectors. They provide value education at affordable prices.

Teachers play an important in shaping a child’s personality. Public schools remember this fact and employ trained and qualified teachers on their rolls. Along with qualification skill is required for teachers to teach children. Teachers should be able to assess the capacity of the children. Subjects should be taught in an interactive way and it is the responsibility of the teacher to see that the child comprehends what is taught in the class.

In public schools, the teacher student ratio is optimum.Usually, it is around 1: 25 or 1:30. This healthy trait helps the whole class to assimilate the topics taught in the classroom. This way it is possible for the teachers to pay individual attention to all the students of the class.

Public Schools in Chandigarh are trying to follow the guidelines set up by the government in imparting education to the child. Education is not just about the teaching of the subjects. Moral values should be taught in a playful and interesting method as it is very important to mould a child’s character at a very young age.

Extracurricular activities are also a part of school curriculum in public schools. Along with regular classroom education, other creative activities like arts, hobbies, sports, and games form a part of the school curriculum. Students are encouraged to form different groups and clubs with various themes as their ideal. Enrolment in these clubs brings out the latent talent in the children. Public schools compete with each other in inter-school competitions. Frequent competitions in debates, elocutions, literary events, storytelling, drama, games, and sports make a child feel comfortable to compete in a healthy way. Children can overcome their fear by participating in elocutions and debates.

It is the overall development principle that helps public schools to sustain in the education industry.

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