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is a census-designated place in the Maharashtra state of India Pune district. A growing suburb of Pune is Tathawade. Due to its proximity to the Hinjawadi IT Park & Expressway, the local real estate market has prospered. Here, notable businesses include: Business Park in Panchshil Near Indira College is the World Trade Center Decathlon Dmart.


  • What is the list of best schools in TATHAWADE?

Every parent has their preferences (in terms of locations, budget-friendly, environment, etc.) on which schools are decided for admissions. Allschoolscolleges help every parent to shortlist the best schools for their wards using relevant filters and according to their needs. ORCHIDS THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, TATHAWADE is one of the best schools.

  • What is the various list of private schools in TATHAWADE?

There are various private schools in UNDRI but before finalizing the school kindly go through the various features (fee structure, distance from your home, curriculum, etc.) you want in a school always remember that we’re setting our child’s future so one should make decisions wisely. BLOSSOM PUBLIC SCHOOL and PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL are two good schools, for more you can refer to

  • What is the various list of nursery schools in TATHAWADE?

Selecting the best NURSERY SCHOOLS for your wards is the major responsibility of every parent as it is the base of every child’s education it sets the foundation for their future. While finalizing the schools remember a few important factors:

  • FEES

You can refer to various NURSERY schools in TATHAWADE at

  • What are the different educational school boards available in TATHAWADE?

TATHAWADE offers multiple educational boards (CBSE, ICSE, and IBs.)

before selecting the school board make sure you go through all the details.

  • What are the fees of various schools in TATHAWADE?

Different schools have different fees structure you can select the school and can refer fee structure of that particular selected school. The Average Fee is 80k to 1.5 lac approx.

  • When will the schools start taking admission in TATHAWADE?

Multiple schools are accepting admission applications from DECEMBER TO APRIL. You can refer to the admission details of every school at

  • What are the admission criteria for various schools in TATHAWADE?

Different schools have different admission criteria. The minimum age for nursery admission is 3 years as the admission criteria.

You can check admission criteria for different schools at

  • How could I compare top schools in TATHAWADE?

You can compare schools by looking at various features like FEES, FACILITY ETC.

  • In how many schools should we apply to get our child enrolled?

Parents do apply at 7-8 schools for their ward’s admission. There is no hard rule you can apply according to your preferences.

  • What Extracurricular and Academic Activities Are Offered at the School?

In the modern world, the term (curriculum) refers to all of a students educational activities, not only books and notebooks.

The curriculum should be kid-centered and put focus on teaching and practicing essential subject-area skills as well as practical abilities like speaking, thinking critically, and developing ones personality.

Making sure the school meets the highest standards of quality in terms of its instructors, teaching methods, academic programme, and moral standards should be your main priority.

Co-curricular activities are a crucial component of the academic programme since they enhance student learning. They support the growth of students moral convictions, personalities, and social and cognitive skills.

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