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Education is something that no one could snatch from us. It stays with a person till death. In this world of jealousy and hatred, it is tough to survive because you never know where your dreams seems to be shattered, efforts are almost baffled but strong people with strength does not cry but they gather the strength to rebuild the things that they have lost and even more they don’t give up. These are the lesson provide by the teacher to keep their moving and never lose hope.

Pune is the city under Maharashtra. There is very popular and renowned monument named as shanivar wada where the icon of love called Mastani bai stayed. Pune is so far a developed city that it has distinguishes identity than Mumbai. There are many top international schools in Pune are there which have different motives behind their establishment:

  • Some are established to provide international education to students.
  • Some of the international school offer diploma courses unlike public and private school.
  • Aim of some school is to unite people of different culture and religion as they believe that this world is a family.

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