Write in favour or against the functioning of your college/school and give yourself a chance to win Amazing Prizes.

  • Just SignUp.
  • Write and invite others to participate.
  • Win AMAZING prizes.


Grand prize

Win Iphone 12 Plus

  • iPhone 11 For The 1st Rank.
  • Prizes will be announced at the end of this competetion.

Win Paytm Cash

writeon fest

Win Paytm Cash upto INR 500

  • Win paytm cash with every review.
  • INR 10 to reviewer for every approved review.
  • Win upto INR 500 paytm cash.

Win INR 15,000 Cash

writeon fest

Win Cash INR 15,000

  • Write a Review and get a chance to win INR 15,000.

Win INR 15,000 Cash

writeon fest

Win Cash INR 10,000

  • Write a Review and get a chance to win INR 10,000.

Current Leaderboard

Shashank rajput
205 points
Deepanshu Jain
Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre
160 points
Kumar Santosh
Marwar Pharmacy College
135 points
got rs. 50 via paytm
Aditya Agrawal
DPS, RK Puram, Delhi
110 points
Naveen kumar
Kammavari Sangha Institute of Technology
90 points
Ayush Azeem
Umes Chandra College
80 points
Samrat Ruj
Guru Teg Bahadur Public School Durgapur
80 points

Recent Activities

Dharamender singh
Guru Kashi University
10 points
rupehil kumar
Ajeenkya DY Patil University
10 points
Mayuri more
Ajeenkya DY Patil University
10 points
Ajeenkya DY Patil University
10 points
Ajeenkya DY Patil University
10 points
Gundra Karan
Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar
10 points
Kumar Santosh
Little Planet Pre school
135 points
Raees shah
Oriental Collage Of Science And Technology
10 points

How to Participate in Writeon Fest

Easy Steps

  • Sign Up at to participate in Writeon Fest.
  • When you sign up your referral code will be generated which you can find in your dashboard.
  • Verify your Email IDs by clicking on the links that you obtain.
  • Start writing reviews with your Name. You can also invite others by sharing their email id in invite others field as well.
  • There is no limit to the invitation, invite as much people as you want and increase the chances of your winning.
  • When you invite others they will receive your invitation with your referral code in it.
  • Tell the person you are inviting to mention your referral code in invited by field while writing their reviews.
  • More the number of reviews written through you and your invited friends, more are the chances of you winning the prizes.

The terms and conditions mentioned herein:

  1. The competition will begin on 1st April, 2020 and end on Sept 30, 2020. Reviews submitted after the ending date and time will not be counted as a part of this competition.
  2. Single user/writer can only write one review per college and school.
  3. When an existing/new user/writer signup at AllSchoolsColleges and writes a review of a college/school we will award him with some points (Scoring system is explaind below).
  4. User/writer will be given score based on their overall performance.
  5. The scoring system will be as follows:
    • For each approved review, the writer will be credited with 10 points.
    • Invitation: Invite others and win extra points. When you invite others they will recieve your refferal code which they can use while writing reviews (you can find your refferal id in your dashboard and how it can be used is explaind below).
    • Invite other people to come and write review to win extra 5 points. These points can only be won when the invited person writes the review and enters your refferal code in invited by field.
  6. 1st Prize I-PHONE 11: I-PHONE 6 PLUS is the grand prizes which will be given to the winner at the end of the competition with the highest score available on the Writeon Fest.
    • 2nd Prize 15,000 Cash (For the second runner up).
    • 3rd Prize 10,000 Cash (For the third runner up).
  7. Paytm Cash: (Paytm cash can be won on daily bases, win upto INR 500 Paytm cash.)
    • INR 10 will be awarded to reviewer for 1 approved review.
    • One person can win upto INR 500 Paytm Cash. (E.g. you will win INR 10 for 1 approved review and for every single approved review you will be awarded with INR 10 in this way you can win upto INR 500.)
    • Note: One person can write only one review per college/school. If you write more than one review for same college/school, the review will be accepted but we will not award you with any point or paytm cash for that.
  8. No points or Paytm cash will be awarded to the user/writer in case, the number of approved reviews for the same college/school for you exceeds 1.
  9. Current students, Alumni of any College (Higher education) in India (Including Polytechnics) are allowed. The Users have to mention College Name and Course they are pursuing/have pursued.
  10. Each user/writer can write a maximum of 1 reviews for one college and school. After that you can write review for other schools and colleges.
  11. User/writer can write reviews on any schools or colleges even if they don’t belong to them.

For Reviewers:

  1. The review needs to be detailed and accurate with all fields filled.
  2. Approval of the Reviews will be based solely on Review Expert's decision. Reasons for disapproval of the reviews will be provided and a chance of editing and sending it for review again will be given. The chance of editing the review in case of disapproval will be provided once to the user/writer to which, the scores will be credited.
  3. Keep in mind that only those reviews that contain detailed authentic information will be counted as valid. Rest all the reviews will be rejected or sent back for editing.
  4. User/writer will stand a chance of disqualification if more than 5 reviews are disapproved in a row.

Win Amazing Prizes

You Can Get:(Results will be announced at the end of the writeon fest)

  1. 1st Prize iPhone 12 Grand Prize (For the top scorer)
  2. 2nd Prize 15,000 Cash (For the second runner up).
  3. 3rd Prize 10,000 Cash (For the third runner up)
  4. 4th Prize 8,000 Cash (For the fourth runner up)
  5. 5th Prize 5,000 Cash (For the fifth runner up)

Disclaimer: Decision of the Review Experts will be final. Also, AllSchoolsColleges holds the authority to bring in change in its rules and regulations at any point of time.

For any further queries or questions, you can shoot a mail at: