Privacy Policy

This privacy policy for and Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd is provided here within mainly with respect to any personal information that any User may provide to us on our website; its usage by us and its protection as well.

Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd is the sole owner of the website This privacy policy is applicable to the website and may also be generally applicable to all our other websites as well, which are under the umbrella of Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd and those whose names appear on the footer of this page.

While using our website, there may arise the requirement of the User to submit personally identifiable information at different places. At the time of registration when a User accepts the privacy policy, he/she consents to the collection, usage, storage and disclosure of any/all personal information by our site, as has been described in this privacy policy.

Information Collection

While anyone may visit and browse through our website without the need for providing any personally identifiable information; there however, may arise the need to do the same if you choose to avail specific services as provided by our website. You will be required to provide some information at the time of registration on our website, so as to gain access to these services and web pages.

The kind of information you may be required to provide without limitation on the website may include, your name, age, gender, occupation, permanent address, email address, contact address, mobile number/telephone number, financial details, interests, content, IP address, your standard web-log information and any such other details required primarily for your interaction with services provided on the website.


By choosing to provide and Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd with all the above mentioned personally identifiable information, the User gives his/her consent for the storage, transfer and the use, this information, duly provided by the User on our servers.

All information provided by the User shall be used by Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd. The use shall be including but not limited, to:

  • The improvement of our website in order to enable us to provide our Users, one of the most smooth, user-friendly, safe and customized experience on the website.
  • The improvement and customization of the content, services, features, both commercial and non-commercial on the website
  • Sending to the User any/every information through any/every medium which is inclusive of and not limited to emails, SMS, or any other means of communication material related to information regarding services for education available on the site, special deals, promotions or any other information.
  • Sending marketing/promotion related communication to the User.
  • Sending to the User all subscribed newsletter(s).
  • Sending to the user all announcements, information and schemes related to the services available on the website on occasions that are rare and deem it necessary for the information to be urgently conveyed to the user.
  • Providing the user an opportunity to take part in the surveys or contests on the website - If the User so wishes to participate, he/she may be requested to provide more information which may be personally identifiable. The participation of the user in these surveys or contests is totally voluntary and thus, the user holds the choice of either disclosing this additional information or not.
  • Providing the customers/Users with any/every support and services so requested from the site;
  • Resolving any/every dispute that arises and troubleshooting anticipated or existing issues;
  • Avoiding and/or checking any activities which may be classified as illegal and/or potentially prohibited and to enforce the agreements;
  • Providing the Users with timely service updates and any promotional offers in connection with the services/products offered on the site
  • Complying with the court judgments, directives, decrees, orders, if any, along with any applicable laws and legal government authorities;
  • Investigating any potential/existing violations of any of the national international laws applicable;
  • Investigating any attempts at bringing deliberate damage/attempts to damage the website and/or its services or the legitimate operations;
  • Detecting any security or technical problems that may arise and further preventing or resolving them;
  • Protecting the property, the rights and safety of and Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd and also those of its employees, directors and general public at large;
  • To respond to third party claims;
  • For carrying out the web site's own research and analysis;

If the user decides to use the website's referral service for informing a friend about he/she will have to provide information related to the individual's email address and name. Your friend with automatically be sent an invitation email to visit the website. However, if the referral requests by contacting us and asking to removed from our list and confirming he/she does not require any products/services on; we will remove all information related to him/her from our database.

Once a User registers on our website, we send a welcome email along with the username and password to access our services/products; done using the personally identifiable information provided at the time of registering. We also communicate with our registered users in response to any queries or enquiries they make on the site, seeking information. This helps us in providing the sought services and also in maintaining all User accounts. The communication may be.

We will communicate with you by email and / or telephone, in accordance with your wishes. In order certain services to our Users, Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd retains with itself the right to use all User details including the mobile number or the other demographic information like location, gender, and age. It could be used in order to conduct targeted campaigns for mobile marketing or any other advertising campaigns either by Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd or a third party wishing to use our database.

Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to use the User related information as and when required by the law and also when Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd deems it necessary to disclosure this information in order to protect its own rights and/or in order to comply with any court order, or legal process, or any judicial proceeding, related to the website.

Cookies uses cookies on the website. However, the information stored in these cookies is not used or liked with any of the personally identifiable information submitted by the User on the website. Our cookies are not set for storing passwords and the User may still use the website even if he/she rejects the cookies. does not hold any control over any cookies activated by a third party on our website. The cookies are not stored by us and we use the .net framework for output cache of the page. Our privacy statement in no way covers the cookies used by advertisers on our website.

Changing Your Personal Information

In order to change your personal information on our website, the User may sign in and access the information to modify it. does not modify any information provided by the user, even for the User. However, we do expect/ suggest our users to change/update their personal information on the website as and when the need arises to do the same..

If the user makes any public posting on the site, there is no possibility of the user changing, or deleting, or removing it and nor will the user be able to close his/her account. However, upon request by the user, will close his/her account and also remove any personal information visible in the posting at the earliest possible opportunity, depending upon the account activity and also the laws applicable.

While under such a situation the account may be closed but will retain the personal information for the User of the closed account with the intention of complying with the law, checking/avoiding any illegal and/or potentially illegal activities and also in order to enforce the User Agreements; and to comply with any court decree/directive/order/judgment/legal and government authority /applicable law; for investigation of potential violations of applicable international & national laws; Investigation of any deliberate damage caused to the website and/or its services or its legitimate operation; to detect, prevent, security/technical issues; to protect all rights, safety and property of Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd and/or its Directors, employees and the general public at large; to Respond to the Claims of any third parties; and to take such other actions as may be permitted by law.

Account Protection

The password of the user is the key to his/her account. The user is solely responsible for the protection of his/her password and all activities that take place under the User’s Username. The user must never disclose the password to any other person. If the User does share the password or his/her personal information with someone else, the sole responsibility of the actions undertaken under the User’s Username will fall on the User and there is a possibility that the user may lose control over his/her personal information, which further may lead to legally binding actions taken on the User’s behalf. Therefore, if the User discovers that his/her password has been compromised due to any reason, he/she should immediately change the password and report the matter.

Business Transaction

In the event that Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd undergoes a business transition, such as an acquisition, merger, takeover or sale of a part or all of its assets, your personally identifiable information is most likely to be among the assets that are transferred.


The security of a User’s personal information is of utmost importance to us. All your personal information entered on the website is treated as an asset which needs protection and therefore, we use tools such as passwords, encryption, physical security, among others to protect your personal information and prevent any unauthorized access and disclosure. However, it must be understood that no method of electronic transmission or storage over the internet can be considered 100 percent secure. We therefore, strive to use means that are commercially acceptable for the protection of the personal information of all our Users. While we cannot guarantee 100 percent security and nor can we assure/guarantee that a third party shall not intercept unlawfully or try to access the transmissions or any private communications and also that the other users may try to abuse or misuse the personal information provided by Users. Therefore, while we put in lot of effort and hard work into protecting your information, we still cannot promise, and neither should the User expect that his/her personal information or the private communications will remain as private forever.

Links to Other Sites

The website contains links to many other web sites that are neither owned nor controlled by Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd. We want our users to be aware that Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd and/or the website, are not to be held responsible for the privacy practices that are followed by the other websites. We suggest and encourage our Users to browse through and carefully read the privacy statements of each of these sites you visit when you leave our site, especially those of which collect personal information related to your demographics and contact details.

Our privacy statement is applicable only to the information collected by, as well as to all other websites related to us provided the same is mentioned on the footer of this page. This privacy policy is not applicable to any third party, advertising on our website. We therefore, suggest Users to carefully read the privacy policy of all such advertisers. We do not hold responsibility for the sites we link to under any of the following situations

  • The site we link to is infected by computer viruses.
  • It has issues related to site failure, speed or technical problems.
  • There occurs a damage caused due to any software that you downloaded from the linked site.
  • The site carries illegal or objectionable material/information.

Changes in This Privacy Statement

If and Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd decide to change the privacy policy, the same will be posted as changes to this privacy statement and also to such other places which we deem appropriate and necessary to carry the changes, so that our users remain updated about our procedures of collecting information, the kind of information we collect, under what circumstances is that information used and how is it used. We however, reserve the right to introduce any modification to this privacy statement at any point in time, so our Users remain advised as to please review our Privacy policy/statement at our website from time to time..