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Problem of these days’ youth is that they want everything to be comportment according to their wish. If nothing goes according to them, they get burst out in antagonism and frustration. Parents cosset their children so much that often it becomes the cause of their children rude behavior which in result they fight with their mate, argue with their teachers and attain poor grades.

We live in a democratic country i.e., India. In India, people have different regional languages but Indian believes speaking an English language makes them more superior and bizarre. To an extent they are not wrong because these days Indians are adopting international culture with a great pace. Due to which parents are not left with any other option else to send their kids to international school.

In early 90s, there were 2-3 international schools are found in any city which were very expensive for parents to afford but now there is no limit. Even in the coming year international school will going to occupy public school. It may not be wrong to say that again Indian will be controlled by the Britishers. There are numerous Top international schools in Delhi which are not within in the reach of ordinary people as these schools have:

  • High fee structure
  • High living standard.