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Each of us went to school in our life which mean which were student once in a lifetime. There is no age to learn. Everything happens in our life for reason which gives us lesson and experiences. Student is someone who desires knowledge means who have a will to study. Student came across various different people and thing in school. Some are good while some are not. But everything teaches something. All of us have studied a story of thirsty crow that how he managed to satisfy his thirst with an idea of putting pebbles in a deep pot to drink water from it.

Similarly school is that pot and all you need to become that intelligent crow. School prepares you to become one. Mumbai fall under the region of Maharashtra and capital of Maharashtra and is also a huge city where billion of people come to prosper their dreams. While coming to Mumbai, people don’t have money, friends, home but they have hope, hope to become what they want to become. There are top international schools in Mumbai which are established to provide world class education to students which allow them to stand out differently in the crowd via their educated body language, etiquettes or speaking skills.