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Tula's International School
With a lush green school campus and students from different regions of the country, as well as from abroad Tula's International School is one of the best residential schools in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The school facilitates students with world-class infrastructural facilities and all modern amenities. The school holds a good reputation among top boarding schools and provides quality education to its students. Due to its modern amenities and great quality education, it is among the highly ranked boarding schools in India.
Tula's International School was established in 2012; it is a residential school that follows a co-educational system. The school offers great quality education to the students from class 4th till class 12th. Tula's International School is affiliated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and follows the curriculum laid by it. The school is located on Chakrata Road, Dehradun.

This school offers a decent bland of modern-day teaching methods with highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. It uses state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality of education. A clean and green campus, modern infrastructure, well-built labs, and classrooms, quality vegetarian food, pure drinking water, and the vibrant atmosphere of this school make it a one-stop solution for many students.

Tula's International School is one of the best residential schools in Dehradun that is run and managed by the administration of people with great expertise and knowledge. The board of governors of this school has been managing and running top schools for decades. The school has a unique approach towards learning that broadens the range of thoughts.

The school offers a good balance between academic and extra-curricular activities. Here in Tula's international school students can enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities that include sports at athletics, art literature, dance, and drama. As a student child can explore a lot of opportunities in the sector of sports and academics in this school.

The curriculum followed by Tula's International School
The curriculum of Tula's International School is being designed by some of the finest subject matter experts and it has one of the best curriculums among all boarding schools in Dehradun. The school mainly follows the curriculum designed by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). This curriculum focuses on the complete development of students that includes subject knowledge, moral values, and ethics. This curriculum is mainly based on reasoning and Analytics that improves the concentration of the student and helps them in memorizing the subjects.


Facilities available in Tula's International School
Tula's International School is a step ahead of the rest of the boarding schools in terms of facilities. This school provides plenty of good facilities to the students and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Digital Classes
    Tula's International School is the only boarding school in Dehradun that makes use of digital workstations to make concepts easier for students. These digital workstations use state-of-the-art Technology to present things more simply. The digital workstations in this school make use of animation and graphics so that students can remember the concepts for longer. These digital workstations are well-designed where around 25 students can be easily accommodated. Unlike other workstations, the digital workstations used in this school are easy to operate. 
  • Labs
    Labs are one of the most requirements in a school where students can use their conceptual knowledge for experiments. Tula's International School is equipped with hi-tech Labs with all modern-day amenities. The school consists of different Labs for different subjects like physics, chemistry, and Biology. Every lab has proper equipment and safety gear along with a qualified lab assistant.

  • Library 
    The library is one of the basic needs of a school. The Tula's International School has a well-built library with millions of different books, spacious rooms, and proper sitting. This library consists of several books from different authors and students are free to read these books and can even issue these books on their school ID cards. 

  • Sports
    The modern-day infrastructure in Tula's International School also consists of great sports facilities. Students love Sports and thus the School has a proper playground and sports equipment for various sports like football, cricket, swimming, horse riding, lawn tennis, Taekwondo, basketball, cycling, archery, throw the ball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball. The school also provides students with a coach for every sport. 

  • Extracurricular Activities 
    Extracurricular activities are quite important as studies in any school and it is mainly important to refresh the minds of students. Tula's International School exhibits a wide range of extracurricular activities and some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Music and Dance
    At Tula's International School students can explore their interests and can work on their extracurricular activities like music and dance. The School has all the required instruments and a music teacher to guide the students. 

  • Art and Craft
    Art and craft art is among the most common extracurricular activities that students enjoy at school. At Tula's International School students can participate in different kinds of extracurricular activities like art and craft. The expert faculty at the school teaches students about how they can make best from the waste.

  • Trips
    Along with studies vacations are equally important and Tula's International School arranges an educational tour every year for the students. Where students can explore new places and can learn about the art and culture of that place. Also, it allows students to refresh which improves their concentration on studies. 

  • Foreign Language
    It is always good to have a good command of multiple languages. Thus Tula's International School allows students to opt for a foreign language India curriculum. Thus along with their studies, students can learn a new language. The school provides students with a decent knowledge of the German and French languages.

Tula's International school Admission Procedure

The admission procedure in Tula's International school is quite simple. The school provides admission to the students from Standard 4th to 12th. To seek admission to Tula's International School you can directly visit the school or can apply on its official website. The admission for new students usually starts in December every year. Once you fill the registration form the school authority verifies the information and invites the student for the entrance test. The entrance test mainly comprises 3 subjects that are mathematics, English, and science. Once a student clears the entrance test he/she can begin with submitting the documents that include mark sheet, birth certificate, original TC, passport, identity proof, passport size photo of the student and parents as well.

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