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Anthropology Colleges in India

Colleges Offering a Course in Anthropology in India

The term "Anthropology" has been derived from the Greek words "anthropos" and "logia" meaning "man" and "study" respectively. It is the study of the origin and evolution of Homo Sapiens.

It delves into and tries to decode the organization of the social and cultural relations that exist between humans. Anthropology also involves the detailed study of the physical traits of human beings, their behavior and the variations among the different groups formed by humans. It basically tries to understand how the evolutionary past of Homo Sapiens has influenced its social organization and culture and other aspects of the human behavior.

The subject Anthropology is an amalgamation of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and is divided into various sub- fields like Cultural Anthropology, Archaeological Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology and Physical Anthropology.

It is taught in various leading and reputable institutes and colleges across India some of which are

  • the Bangalore University,
  • the Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University,
  • the Karnataka University,
  • the North Eastern Hill University,
  • the Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University,
  • the Pune University,
  • the University of Allahabad,
  • the University of Calcutta, the University of Delhi,
  • the University of Hyderabad,
  • the University of Mumbai,
  • the University of Mysore,
  • the and the University of Rajasthan

All of these offer B.A/B.Sc./M.A./M.Sc. in Anthropology.

To be eligible for these courses, one should take up Science at the class 12 levels and then sit for the various entrance exams to these universities. Some Universities also accept students on the basis of their Board scores. Generally people take up a specialization course at the M.Sc. level. Some also prefer to go for a PhD.

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Want help with admissions?

Leave us your details and we will contact you