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List of Boarding Schools in andhra pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh is a state which is located in the South-Eastern coastal region and is the tenth most populous state of India. It is the seventh-largest state. This state is also known as the ' Rice bowl Of India ' as it is a major producer of rice in India. The state has a gross domestic product (GDP) of 123,560 that makes it the third-largest state in terms of GDP.


Vikas Resonance 

  • This exclusive Boarding School at Visakhapatnam, affiliated with CBSE,  is the largest residential School in South India.
  • The boarding campus is for boys and girls with a peaceful environment that is well designed with modern amenities.
  • The school has the best faculty and management with a truly dedicated staff that is highly committed to education and has given a new term to the foundation of the education system. 
  • The counselors remain in constant touch with the students.
  • The school also has physical activities. 


  • The Andhra Pradesh Residential School, founded in 1972, is one of the oldest residential schools of Andhra Pradesh 
  • This school is affiliated with the CBSE board and stood as the first residential school-based for providing facilities to talented rural children
  • This school remains to be in the forefront of educational excellence from the beginning
  • The school has achieved various achievements in district sports, science fairs, and other activities

Green Field International School 

  • This school is affiliated with the CBSE board and is located at Vakada, Andhra Pradesh on a lush green campus. 
  • This school pedal the process of academic transformation with strong International practices attuned by Indian values.
  • The school has a cafeteria and multi-activity rooms. It also has lab and sports facilities.  


  • This school is affiliated with the CBSE board and was established in the year 1980
  • It is located at Gudilova, Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh and is managed by the Vijnana Vihara Society
  • The school was created on the lines of the old gurukul system of education and has classes up to 10th standard 


Q. Why parents should send their children to boarding school instead of the normal day school?
Ans. Children who are sent to boarding schools turn out to be more independent and confident. These schools provide different development activities that are not usually performed in day schools. In addition to this, they help the child to become more self-reliant. They learn to do most of their daily tasks by themselves. These skills benefit them in the future as they no longer depend on anyone to do their daily tasks. Boarding schools also helps them develop better communication skills due to the constant interaction with their peers and the teachers with whom they live. 

Q. What is the right age to send your child to boarding school?
Ans. Studies show that 9-12 is the most appropriate age to volunteer your kid in a boarding school. Children belonging to this age group are young enough to learn new things.  Any ignorance at this age can result in lifelong damage to the cognitive growth of kids. This is why families in which both the parents work prefer sending their kids off to a boarding school. 

Q. What is the minimum boarding school fees in Andhra Pradesh? 
It depends on the city and all-around facilities of the school but the minimum range begins from 2.9-3 lakhs per annum

Q. Are phones allowed in boarding schools of Andhra Pradesh?
Phones are not permitted in most Boarding Schools at 12 and below standards as the Management Board felt that excessive usage could impact the educational performance of the child.

Q. What are the facilities in the boarding schools of Andhra Pradesh?
 The usual academic facilities include classrooms, halls, auditorium, library and laboratories. They also offer other facilities such as a sports playground and a cafeteria.  

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