CBSE vs. ICSE which one suits better?

This is the common question which every parent face once their children reach the secondary education level. This choice can make the difference over the early development of the child and decides the kind of exposure a student undergoes. There are two major recognized boards of education that a student can opt which includes, ICSE and CBSE.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

This is the major board of education in most the schools in India, which serves as the basis for pursuing higher education.:


  • All the competitive examinations such as AIEEE and AIPMT, are based on this syllabus, which makes it easier for the student to be successful.
  • The syllabus is easier compared to ICSE,and other state boards as the individual subjects have been categorized as one subject. For example, physics, chemistry, and biology are included as science only.
  • The certification is highly recognized all over the country.


  • There is no much practical knowledge implemented,and focus is not much on the languages
  • The concepts do not include an effective understanding of the concepts as most of them are approached in a theoretical way.

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)

The schools following ICSE syllabus can differ from those following CBSE schools. The examinations are conducted at the end of tenth grade which is comparatively difficult than others.


  • The syllabus is complete and comprehensive and covers all the subjects with proper importance.
  • The subjects and the curriculum are quite interesting,and students interested in humanities and management can find it helpful for their future education.
  • This certification is recognized all over the world, especially in foreign universities compared to all other educations available in India.
  • The level of English taught is superior compared to CBSE,and such students can find it easier to crack exams based on languages.


  • The syllabus can be extended to most of the students as there is ahigher number of subjects to be handled in ICSE compared to CBSE.
  • There is a lack of leniency regarding evaluating the papers,and most of the students can face a problem in this perspective.

Choosing the right kind of education depends on the caliber of the students in handling the syllabus. Both the modes of education have their benefits,and the kind of school opted plays a major role apart from the kind of education they provide. Browse the Schools in India:

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