Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

According to American psychologist and Stanford University Professor Dr. Carol Dweck, individuals have two mindsets viz., fixed and growth mindset.

Fixed mindset – The individuals (students, professionals and others) believe that they have in-built specific abilities to achieve a certain amount of success and goals. Their primary goal is to achieve the stipulated or society-defined success and appear smart.

We have been taught a “fixed mindset” and have always been emphasizing the importance of the same. Does this remind you of Chatur from 3 Idiots?

Growth mindset – These individuals understand their existing abilities and talents and is well-aware that it can be developed/ honed through learning/ training. The individuals with a growth mindset know that they are unique or everyone is NOT the same.

Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

  Growth Mindset Fixed Mindset
Learning I can I can’t
  This will help me master the art/ profession. I should continue learning consistently I doubt this will help me. Instead, giving-up is a better option
Efforts Yes, let’s do it Doubt or No
  If I give my best, I can excel. So let’s keep trying I don’t think so I am good enough for this, so why put unnecessary efforts
Challenges Yes, I love them No, I hate them
  Challenges will help me learn something new. They will push me to create my new limits and bring the best in me. It’s better to give up, let me think of the best reason to avoid the challenge.
Failure Opportunity to grow No opportunity
  This is my learning curve; let’s make a note of this and move ahead I can’t do this; punish myself or self-victimization. Developing several reasons why it didn’t work, convincing ourselves and others
Feedback Yes, please No way
  Oh this is where I went wrong, thank you for highlighting my areas of improvement I know myself best, this person is a fault-finder and now s/he has got a chance to blame me


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