CBSE Class 12 Biology exam today, do not miss revising these topics

15 March 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to conduct the class 12 biology exam tomorrow. The exam will be conducted all over the country on March 15 (Friday), 2019. Students who have opted for the subject have only a few hours to revise and a lot of syllabi to cover. The spoke to experts and narrowed down to key, unmissable topics one must be thorough with to secure well in the exam.

According to Science teacher, Genesis Global School, Vandana Jain, biology is all about concepts and not mere cramming of concepts. “Revising NCERT and it’s back questions are important, sometimes straight questions from these exercises are asked in the exam. Topics including genetics concepts, ecology and reproduction are very common among five markers,” she said.

The teacher advised that students must practice diagrams as it helps one score better.

“In 2 or 3 markers’, biology and human welfare is an important topic. Also, one must practice the CBSE class 12 Biology sample paper 2019 in order to access their performance and know their positive and negative points, it would give practice to students before the exam and also share important topics,” she advises.

Avoid these errors

According to Jain, students often undermine the importance of reading the question paper. “One must read the question paper carefully and give time in understanding what exactly has been asked. Students often misinterpret the questions and start answering differently then asked, especially in cross genetics. It is important to be precise in your answers, it is more scoring and saves time as well,” said Jain.

News Source (Indian Express)

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