CBSE 2018 Marking Scheme and pattern

The tenth standard examination is nearing and there is a need for the students to understand the scheme and pattern thoroughly. The distribution of marks and the weight for the topics can be understood through this. The official website of CBSE, has uploaded few sample papers that can give a brief idea of the same. Therefore students can change the pace and the manner in which they have been preparing based on this. Here are some of the important points with respect to the CBSE marking scheme such that students can be prepared.

Maths Exam:

  • The total marks a student can earn is 80 marks
  • The time allotted is three hours
  • 30 questions in which 6 questions carry 1 mark, 6 questions of 2 marks, 10 questions of 3 marks and 8 questions carries 4 marks.
  • Students have a choice of attempting four questions of 3 marks, 3 questions of 4 marks.
  • Marks are allotted for the important steps and conclusions that are correct.

Science Exam:

  • The total marks a student can score is 80 marks where the conceptual understanding of the subject is assessed.
  • A total number of questions are 27 that comprises, 2 questions of 1 marks, 3 questions of 2 marks and 10 questions of three marks each.
  • Other than these, there are 6 questions of 5 marks each. Practical questions carry 12 marks, and the students can attain the same by proper labeling and diagrams in a total time of 3 hours.

Social Science:

  • The paper consist of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics
  • There are 27 questions that have internal choices of short and long type.
  • The questions can carry 5 marks, 3 marks and 1 mark which includes map-based questions also.
  • Social sciences are the most scoring subjects, and students have a chance to score the maximum marks.


The language paper has the equal distribution of literature, comprehension and the grammar. This is done to analyze the skills of the students. The best way to improve the total score can be through language and students need to focus more on this perspective.


Neatness and clarity of concepts are important aspects for attaining maximum marks, and the main focus needs to be over the word limit. Time management also plays a major role, and the students need to save time for revising the answer sheet at least once.

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