How to prepare for GATE 2019 without coaching?

GATE Entrance Exam is a national level postgraduate engineering entrance exam for candidates seeking admissions to M.Tech programmes offered by IITs, NITs and other top institutes. The online exam requires thorough preparation to crack this. If some aspirants think that coaching classes are the only gateway to crack GATE, then they are wrong. One can crack this exam by religious self-study, dedication, and hard work. Some of the tips below help you to prepare the GATE without coaching.

  • Start Early

To prepare for GATE, it is best to start the preparation at the earliest. The early you start, the more time you will have for revision.

  • Know the Syllabus

The prerequisite for preparing for any competitive exam is to know the syllabus properly. Start planning for preparation by covering all the topics. All the subjects hold equal importance and value. Knowing the syllabus will let you plan for the weak areas first so that more time is devoted to them.

  • Design Study Plan

Making a time-table and study plan will help you prepare in a disciplined manner. Make a time table as soon as you plan to start preparing. Divide the time into all subjects. Skipping the timetable should not be an option as it can hamper the whole routine. Be strict to your time table and give it a priority. Time management will also be useful in your exam as it will help you to divide time to solve questions of different sections.

  • Study Material

Choose your study material wisely. Buy authorized books only which can validate their data. Read books that have a detailed analysis of topics so as to help in making the concepts clear.It is an essential part of your preparation that the study material you choose is complete and error free. You can also see tutorials online to solve any doubt.

  • Makes Notes:

Last moment revision is necessary to brush up the basics of all the topics. Make notes covering shortcut formulas, tricks, and key pointers to save time in the end. This is a time-saving strategy as you do not have to flip through pages of books if you have notes on important topics handy.

  • Practice sample papers and mock tests

The more you practice, the more confident you will get about the syllabus. Solve as many mock tests as possible. Take up last year question papers and solve them in real time. During the practice, keep the time factor in mind. Don’t take too much time to solve a particular question. Practice on increasing your speed too.

  • Consistency

Stay consistent during the preparation and keep your morale high without fizzling or getting diverted. Remember that every other thing can wait. Be strict about your study routine and don’t take it casually. Do not compromise on your study hours at any cost.

  • Revision

Revision is as important as finishing the syllabus. It is desirable to allow considerable time for revision as it will help you to manifest what you have studied. Refer to notes for quick revision.

  • Stay Focused

Chances of getting diverted may be high, but keep your aspirations high and maintain that determination throughout the exam. Indulge in some kind of play to keep you de-stressed but don’t deviate from your goal. Stay calm, composed and focused.

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