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Best Diploma Paramedical Courses

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology, Diploma in X-Ray Technology, Diploma in Radiography, Diploma in ECG Technology, Diploma in Dialysis Technology, Diploma in Medical Record Technology, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology, Diploma in Physiotherapy, Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology, Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant, Diploma in Health Inspector, Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech, Diploma in Dental Hygienist, Diploma in Audiometry Technician

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  • Job Pressure Medium
  • Academic Pressure Medium
  • Early Salary 1.5 L - 3.5 L
  • Mid Level Salary2.5 L - 5.5 L
  • Senior Salary 3.9 - 6.8

Best Diploma Paramedical Courses

  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology
  • Diploma in X-Ray Technology
  • Diploma in Radiography
  • Diploma in ECG Technology
  • Diploma in Dialysis Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Record Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology
  • Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  • Diploma in Health Inspector
  • Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech
  • Diploma in Dental Hygienist
  • Diploma in Audiometry Technician

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and anticipation of diseases and ailments using clinical research center tests. In this program, the competitors figure out how to perform tests that guide in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This program additionally trains applicants with the information and abilities needed to deal with advanced lab supplies and perform accurate lab tests.

With the advances in the imaging technology for various tissues containing different organ frameworks in the human body, for example, X-rays, sonography CT-filtering, Super stable, PET-checking, X-ray, and so on there is a broad interest for the imaging technologists.

Applicants who have finished their Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology cares for all the work and the management of the operation theatre which includes dealing with the patients all through operation theatre, taking care of the apparent multitude of surgical instruments including their sterilization, dressing table, organizing operation table, instrument table, anesthesia table and the management of the activity theatre staff. An Operation Theatre Technologist additionally helps the specialist amid the care tasks and cares for the medications required for a medical procedure, wraps, sedative gases, material, and their cleansing.

The point of the program is to educate and prepare applicants in operation theatre technology and the administration of Operation theatre alongside taking care of a wide scope of Operation instruments including electronic and progressed hardware utilized in present-day activity theatres.

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Diploma in X-Ray Technology

Diploma in X-Ray Technology is a radiographic course that manages electromagnetic radiations that infiltrates into the human body and makes the picture of the inward structure in the photographic film. That is utilized by specialists to comprehend the issue and treat them. This course covers both clinical and regulatory abilities.

The course helps in building up the information and aptitudes that the understudy needs to perform research center tests, general radiography, and electrocardiograms. This diploma course offers classroom discussions and hands-on lab and clinical experience, X-Ray technique, clinical Insurance and coding, patient billing, and so forth.

Diploma in X-Ray Technology: Highlights Table

Course Level Undergraduate graduate
Term 2 years
Examination Type Semester
Qualification 12th Completion
Admission Process Entrance exam based (May also look at graduation percentage) / Merit Based
Course Fee Between INR 2 lac to 3 lac
Average Starting Salary INR 15000 to 3 lac
Major Recruiting Companies Hospitals, clinics, medical labs, govt. labs, Govt. Hospitals, Outpatient care centers, and so on.
Job Positions X-Ray Technician, Assistant X-Ray Technician, Radiologist, Teacher, and so on.

Diploma in Radiography

Diploma in Radiography course assists with contemplating significant subjects like radiobiology, clinical radiotherapy, palliative care, clinical trials, clinical chemotherapy, and so on In this course, understudies will pick up information and aptitudes in zones like ultrasound, positron emission tomography, angiography, magnetic resonance imaging, Computer tomography, CT scan, and fluoroscopy. Understudies figure out how to analyze ailments, treat diseases, and discover sicknesses for these maladies by utilizing these abilities.

In Diploma in Radiography course, understudies additionally study helpful and symptomatic radiography that includes therapies for tumors and cancer diseases with radiations. This course covers significant subjects like anatomy, biochemistry, computer techniques, biostatistics, microbiology, pathology, nuclear imaging technology, nuclear physics, radiation physics, physiology, and so on.

Diploma in Radiography: Course Highlights

Course Level Diploma
Duration 3 Years
Examination Type Semester type
Eligibility 10+2 Examinations
Admission Process Merit-based or Entrance-based
Top Recruiting Organizations Curaa, Global Medical Recruiting, St. Joseph Hospital, HITECH Diagnostics, MGR Fabricators Private Limited
Top Recruiting Areas Private care centers, Occupational health centers, Radiotherapy Research organizations, Radiotherapy Equipment manufacturers
Top Job Profiles Diagnostic Radiographer, Radiation Therapy Technologist, Radiation Protection Specialist, Therapy Radiographer, X-ray Technician
Course Fee INR 10,000 to 8 lakhs
Average Starting Salary INR 1 to 10 lakhs

Diploma in ECG Technology

Electrocardiography is an undergraduate diploma program of 2 years.
  • An ECG professional additionally called a cardiographic expert, utilizes electrocardiogram machines to run indicative tests to gauge a patient's pulse.
  • This is because the ECG is a valuable screening device for an assortment of cardiovascular variations from the norm.

Candidates who passed 10th from a recognized board are eligible to apply for this.

Admission Process

Enlist and Apply

Interested applicants can apply online with the necessary data.

Entrance Test
Applicants need to show up for the entrance test directed by the organization.

Individual Interview Shortlisted applicants will be called for individual meetings dependent on marks got in the entrance test.

Diploma in Dialysis Technology

The course is a beginner's level of skill-based certification in the domain of dialysis assistance methodology. Understudies are outfitted with essential information and abilities for leading dialysis mechanisms on a patient. Understudies can upgrade their insight base and abilities in a particular area by going for more elevated level certification over the long haul. The course for the most part targets giving domain-specific information and skills to the understudies alongside the essential understanding of the hypothetical idea.


Diploma in Dialysis Techniques: Course Highlights

Course Level Diploma/Certification
Term of the Course 2 year (6 Months-1 Year in some cases)
Examination Type Semester/Final exams at the end of the year
Qualification 12th pass-out students with a minimum of 50% in class 12th board examination from any recognized board.
Admission Process Merit-Based/ Entrance exam based (In select few colleges/institutes)
Program Fee Between INR 15,000 and 55,000
Normal Starting Salary INR 8000 to 14000 per month
Major Recruiting Companies Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Dialysis units, Training center
Job Positions Lab Expert, Dialysis Executive, Medical attendant, Trainer, Therapeutic Assistance

Diploma in Dialysis Techniques

Dialysis is characterized as the way of eliminating overabundance of water, solutes, and toxins from the blood through an artificial process that is with the utilization of some medical hardware or equipment. It is for the most part inferred to those people who are experiencing kidney diseases or their kidneys have halted regular working.

In the past decades due to changing behavior and lifestyle there has been an expansion in kidney-related patients. This, thus, has flooded the development of dialysis units in clinics and centers. To run these units successfully there is a requirement of a skilled expert who can complete the cycle viably. A diploma-level course in Dialysis Technique trains understudies with that range of skills that is requested of a Dialysis expert who can manage in the domain without any difficulty.

Diploma in Medical Record Technology

Diploma in Medical Record Technology is a 2 years undergraduate Medical Lab Technologist Diploma course. The course assumes a key function in keeping up the patient records as well as advances exploration of value, in money related and legitimate premiums of the patient and the Hospital with a superb measurable revealing framework. Understudies find out about billing and insurance coding techniques just as how to utilize medical office programming. Hopeful clinical records professionals joined up with a program to figure out how to oversee and work the most up-to-date electronic records frameworks being utilized by medical services offices. They additionally learn old fashioned documenting, record recovery, and some of the time, in any event, transcribing techniques.


Understudies ought to have gotten through tenth class or its comparable with at least 45% from a perceived educational board.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

What is Medical Laboratory Technology?

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is a part of science that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases utilizing clinical research center tests. This includes an examination of the body's liquids, including tissues and blood. Clinical Laboratory Technologists perform the majority of their undertakings, for example, the readiness of slides human tissues or different examples, utilizing lab equipment. They additionally complete tasks, for example, blood tests and blood composing. Competitors who wish to make a career in this field can decide to do either a degree course or a certificate course after Class 12.

While contemplating this course, up-and-comers are instructed about the ailments and the utilization of clinical research facility hardware in performing clinical tests. An MLT is an essential aspect of the medical care framework, they assume a pivotal function in the analysis of sickness by gathering the data needed to give appropriate clinical offices to the patient. Without an MLT, present-day medication would be unequipped for giving the correct treatment.

Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology

About Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology

Diploma in ophthalmic innovation otherwise called DOT is a two-year certificate course that is intended to create prepared and qualified experts who help ophthalmologists to analyze and treat patients. After the finishing of the DOT course, understudies will have a strong establishment in eye care essentials and can fill in as will have the option to perform different ophthalmic strategies proficiently.

Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology Course Highlights:

Level Diploma Level
Course Name Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology (DOT)
Term 2 Years
Eligibility Criteria Passed 12th or equivalent
Affirmation Process Merit/ Entrance Exam
Course Type Semester/ Annual
Average Programme Fee INR 1,500 to INR 1,50,000/-
Average Starting Salary INR 2 LPA to INR 10 LPA

Diploma in Physiotherapy

About Diploma in Physiotherapy

Diploma in Physiotherapy (D.P.T.) is an expert course in clinical nursing. The course can be done after the effective culmination of class twelfth in the Science stream. To be more exact, D.P.T. manages physiotherapy and its unified medical care centers. The understudies during their course work, figure out how to treat patients with physical incapacities and wounds in a scope of settings including medical clinics, well-being focuses, private practices, and sports clubs.

The two-year diploma program has been intended to create talented and qualified experts fit for completing explicit undertakings to improve the lives of patients. Managing points, for example, Physical Rehabilitation, Electrotherapy, and different methods of helping patients recapture physical portability, a Diploma in Physiotherapy mean to deliver skilled experts equipped for helping pros in various clinical methodology.

Diploma in Physiotherapy Course Highlights:

The Major Highlights of Diploma in Physiotherapy is referenced beneath:-

Course Level Diploma
Name of the course Diploma in Physiotherapy
Term of the Course Two years
Examination Type Semester
Qualification Criteria Passed 12th with minimum 50% marks in Science stream
Affirmation Process Merit-based/ based on marks secured in the entrance test
Annual Course Fee Rs 10,000/- to Rs 5,00,000/-
Average Starting Salary Rs 3,00,000/- to 20,00,000/-

Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology

Diploma in Anesthesia loans the understudies a thorough study in the field of anesthesia and its significance in the clinical field. The dosage of anesthesia contrast as per age, type of sickness, and seriousness of the ailment. Through this program, applicants increase a top to bottom information regarding the matter in the investigation which isn't just professional arranging in nature yet besides opens a wide field of openings for work for competitors in the clinical area.

The program helps the understudies with the fundamental abilities required while managing patients in the performance center room including great correspondence, tranquillity, and the requirement for specifying. Competitors need to have the characteristics of understanding the seriousness of the circumstance and likewise render dose to the patients. Through this course, competitors get an outline of the impacts and utilization of different sorts of anesthesia to individuals. Aspirants gain the capacity to hold administrative parts in emergency clinics both in India just as abroad.

The educational program of the course is planned in a way wherein competitors are ingrained with the comprehension of the subject through the fundamental investigation of escalated transmission treatment, pharmacodynamics and pharmacology of breathing in sedatives, utilization of sedation in muscular health and traumatology, toxicology, pediatrics and neonatology and other such. This opens reason for competitors assembling a solid establishment for them to seek after further extent courses like Masters and examination courses in the field.

Competitors are dependent on aptitudes of investigation, tender loving care, independence, and other such to make them skillful enough to acquire occupations in emergency clinics and other medical care areas. Alumni of the course have the chance to work in and outside working rooms, for example, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) just as hold administrative functions in the clinical area. The general point of the course is to assist competitors with picking up the general viewpoint aptitudes of the area consequently making them experts in their field.

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Diploma in Anaesthesia: Course Highlights

Course level Diploma
Term 2 years
Examination Type Semester
Qualification Pass the 12th examination from a recognized board in (PCB) with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks and above.
Admission Merit List
Program Fee Up to INR 42,000 to 15 Lacs
Normal salary Approx. Up to INR 3 to 11 Lacs
Major Recruiting Companies Hospitals in India and abroad.
Job Positions Radiologist, Anaesthetist, Medical Consultant, Pediatrician

Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

About Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant (DNCA) is a 2-year diploma course in which one gets the opportunity to find out about nursing colleagues/helper skills and information. During the course work, understudies likewise find out about topics, for example, Fundamentals of Nursing, Community Diseases, Medical-Surgical Operations, and so on Nursing care collaborators are otherwise called nurture associates. They work close by or under the oversight of qualified medical caretakers (RNs) and Doctors. There is a tremendous interest for Diplomas in Nursing Assistant experts in areas, for example, Nursing Homes, Medical Writing, Administration, Health Care Centers, Educational establishments, and so forth.


Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant Course Highlights

Level of Course Diploma Level
Name of the course DNCA
Term of Course 2-Years
Minimum Qualification Passed in Class 10th
Admission Process Merit/ Entrance Exam
Course Type Semester
Course Fee INR 1,500 to INR 1,50,000/-
Starting Salary INR 2 LPA to INR 3.5 LP

Diploma in Health Inspector

About Diploma in Health Inspector

The Diploma in Health Inspector is a three-year paramedical course. The diploma in sanitary inspector course lay focus on the support of wellbeing and cleanliness in the areas where clinical facilities are being offered. Since the occupation of a Health Inspector includes a great deal of fieldwork, the course incorporates practical components such as basic health care practices, community healthcare practices, communication skills, patient/community education.

Diploma in Health Inspector Course Highlights:

Course Name Diploma in Health Inspector
Term 3-Years
At least Age 17 years
Qualification Pass in Class 10th with minimum of 50% marks
Annual Fees Rs 10,000 to Rs 1,50,000/-
Salary Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 4,50,000/- LPA
Employment Health Inspector, Public Service Officer, Medical Health Assistant, Food Inspector, Sanitation Inspector

Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech

About Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech (DHLS)

Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech (DHLS) is a year-long endorsement course that is a practically arranged audiology course. The course prepares understudies to distinguish issues and treat the issues with exactness. It aids in producing manpower to oblige the need for people with communication problems.

Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech (DHLS) is a year-long endorsement course that is a reasonably arranged audiology course. The course prepares understudies to distinguish issues and treat the issues with exactness. It produces manpower to oblige the need of people with correspondence disorders.

(DHLS) Course Highlights:

Course Name Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech
Course Level Diploma
Course Type Diploma Programme
Specialization Hearing Language and Speech
Course Term 1 Year
Internship Not Mandatory
Course Mode Full time/ Part-time
Least Qualification Required 12th passed
Age At Least 17 Years
Selection Process Mostly Direct Admission
Course Fee INR 5,800 - INR 80,000
Job Type Audiologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Speech Therapist, Language Translator, Assistant Professor, Teacher, Lecturer, etc.
Average Salary INR 8,000 - INR 25,000 Per Month

Diploma in Dental Hygienist

About Diploma in Dental Hygienist

Diploma in Dental Hygienist is an alumni-level program for competitors who seek to turn into a Dental Hygienists. It is a 2-year diploma that applicants can seek after passing their halfway assessments. The program centers around preventive dentistry, oral cleanliness, dental radiography, periodontal treatment, fundamental rebuilding efforts, and removal of deciduous teeth, and so forth.

Aspirants in the wake of seeking a Diploma in Dental Hygienist are utilized as Radiation Therapists, Dental Assistants, Medical Assistants, Dentists, Physical Therapist, Surgical Technologist, Veterinary Technician, and so on.

Diploma in Dental Hygienist Course Highlights:

Program Name Diploma in Dental Hygienist
Program Level Graduate
Program Term 2 Years
Program Type Diploma
Specialization Dental Hygienist
Related Field Medical/ Dental Science
Least qualification 12th
Examination Type Semester
Average Fee INR 10K - INR 5 LPA
Initial Salary INR 2 LPA - INR 12 LPA
Job Types Dentists, Dental Assistants, Physician Assistants, Medical Assistants, Registered Nurse, Radiation Therapists, etc.
Employment Areas   Dental Offices and Clinics, Universities, Commercial Dental Laboratories, Private Clinics, and so on.

Diploma in Audiometry technician

Diploma in Audiometry Technician is the study of speech and hearing problems. There is a lot of demand for these experts. Audiologists are engaged with both hearing and speech research, assistive listening devices, dispensing hearing aids, and instructing at colleges and schools. The various courses that are accessible in Audiometry and Hearing and discourse are a Diploma in Hearing Aid and Earmould Technology, B.Ed (Special Education-Distance), BSC (Speech and Hearing), M.Sc (Audiology), Bachelor of Special Education (Hearing Impairment). Audiometric specialists check the hearing issues of individuals, of every age. Hearing impacts speech in developing kids. That is the reason it's more imperative to investigate any conference issues in newborn children.

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