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ANM vs GNM vs BSc Nursing

ANM vs GNM vs BSc Nursing, ANM vs GNM, GNM vs BSc Nursing, ANM vs BSc Nursing

  • Job Pressure Medium
  • Academic Pressure Medium
  • Early Salary
  • Mid Level Salary
  • Senior Salary

ANM Vs GNM Vs B.Sc Nursing - Key Highlights 

Factors ANM

Full Form

Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery


2 years


Completed 10 + 2 from a recognised board

Mandatory Subjects in 12th

(10 + 2) in Arts or Science Stream

Entrance Exams

Conducted by State Nursing Examination Boards

Average Starting Salary

INR 10K - 15K


B.Sc Nursing

General Nursing and Midwifery

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

3 years 6 months

4 years

Completed 10 + 2 from a recognised board


Completed 10 + 2 from a recognised board


(10+2) with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as the main subjects

10+2 in any stream with biology as a mandatory subject

Conducted by State Nursing Examination Boards

State-level or University level Examination

INR 8K - 12K

INR 15K - 20K

ANM, GNM and BSc Nursing 

Nursing as a career in India is one of the most sought after a career which is being honored and applauded well in the medical services domain just as among the patients and residents of India. Nurses are the benevolent workforce of the healthcare management of the nation. Be it ward nursing, emergency case handling, or dealing with a worldwide pandemic, the Nurses have consistently demonstrated their backbone in all strolls of patient and disease management and care.

Nursing as a career is one of the most remunerating jobs in the market and picking up Nursing as a profession after the completion of class 12 offers incredible avenues for students.

About ANM, GNM and BSc Nursing

ANM or the Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery is a diploma course which focuses on the training of the nurses as a community wellbeing specialist. The course prepares the candidates on the best way to take care of medical equipment, setting up of Operation Theatre, giving medication to the patient and keeping up the records of the patients in small communities. The program is more centered around basic training. Henceforth, Competitors seeking after ANM program are relied upon to have information on the essential ideas of nursing just as having the option to give emergency treatment and essential medical consideration to the patient. As the length of this program is short, the ANM course educational plan has fewer modules in comparison to GNM and BSc Nursing.

GNM or the General Nursing and Midwifery course can be sought after the completion of class 12. The term of the GNM diploma course is three and a half years, including a half-year internship. GNM centers around the arrangement of care of people, families, and communities. As referenced GNM trains the applicants in dealing with the patients at a large scale and isn't simply explicit to a community. The course is designed under the domain of paramedics. The certificate program is intended to prepare the applicants as nurses with abilities to make them skilled to work in a hospital atmosphere and perform responsibilities, for example, giving emergency treatment, aiding in research activities, wound surgeries, and working successfully in a team. The GNM program will likewise help applicants in seeking advanced education.

BSc Nursing is a four-year undergraduate degree course. Any individual who has passed class 12 with physics, chemistry, and biology subjects or has completed a diploma in Nursing (ANM or GNM) are qualified to seek after the course. BSc Nursing course essentially prepares the applicants to deal with the diseased and the sick and therefore the educational curriculum incorporates subjects identified with the human body like biochemistry, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and so forth. Other than the theoretical perspectives, the applicants seeking after BSc nursing are prepared for the practical aspects of nursing. The nurses are prepared beyond giving the first aid and essential medical consideration and their training is reached out to instructing the patients, coordinating the hospital wards and ward team alongside helping doctors in medical methods.

ANM, GNM, BSc Nursing Eligibility

ANM Eligibility Criteria
• The applicant must be of 17 years and not more than 35 years in age. Applicant must have passed grade 12 in Arts (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Accountancy, Home Science, Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy) and English Core or Science or Health care Science - Vocational stream from a recognized Board.
• Candidate should be medically fit.
• Candidate who has passed class 12 with Arts or Science subjects from the National Institute of Open School are also eligible
• Candidate shall be admitted once a year
GNM Eligibility Criteria
• The candidate must be of 17 years and not more than 35 years in age
• Should have passed class 12 with Science and must have obtained a minimum of 40 percent in aggregate and English individually from any recognized board. Candidates are also eligible for State Open School recognized Candidates are also eligible from State Open School recognized by State Government and National Institute of Open School (NIOS) recognized by Central Government. However, Science is preferable.
• Must have passed grade 12 with English subject scoring 40 percent in vocational ANM course from the school recognized by the Indian Nursing council.
• Should have passed class 12 with English subject scoring 40 percent in vocational Stream-Health care Science from a recognized CBSE board/Centre.
• Should be a Registered ANM with passing marks
BSc Nursing Eligibility Criteria
• The candidate should be of 17 years and not more than 35 years in age. Should have passed class 12 with Science (PCB) & English Core/English Elective with 45 percent in aggregate from a recognized board under AISSCE/CBSE/ICSE/SSCE/HSCE or other equivalent Board Candidate should be medically fit Candidates appearing for class 12 examination in Science conducted by National Institute of Open School with 45 percent in the aggregate are also eligible Candidate shall be admitted once in a year

ANM, GNM, BSc Nursing Course Curriculum

• Medical-Surgical Nursing

• Health Promotion

• Primary Healthcare Nursing

• Child Health Nursing

• Midwifery

• Health Centre Management

• Community Health Nursing

• Mental Health Care

• Gynaecology and Midwifery

• Mandatory 6-month internship
• Research & Statistics

• Nursing Administration & Ward Management

• Medical-Surgical Nursing

• Community Health Nursing

• Nursing Education

• Child Health Nursing

• Nursing Foundation

• Bio-Science

• Behavioural Science

• Medical-Surgical Nursing

• Compulsory 6-month internship
BSc Nursing
• Anatomy

• Physiology

• Biochemistry

• Nutrition

• Psychology

• Nursing foundation

• Sociology

• Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing

• Mental Health Nursing

• Child Health Nursing

• Medical-Surgical Nursing

• Community Health Nursing

• PediatricNursin


ANM, GNM, BSc Nursing Scope, and Employment 

ANM and GNM: As the ANM and GNM both are diploma courses and offer almost the same responsibility, in the field of Nursing. Alongside the brilliant scope of employment, applicants have a choice to seek higher examinations after the completion of ANM and GNM courses. ANM and GNM graduates are qualified and capable to work in both government and private areas. As the GNM course is longer in comparison with ANM, it has better open door contributions regarding compensation and development. Likewise, after finishing a diploma in ANM, the competitor can seek after GNM. Hospitals (government and private), nursing homes, old age, different medical care industries, homes, orphanages, sanatoriums, and armed forces are a few working environments where the ANM and GNM graduates can get employment. In the wake of finishing the ANM or GNM diploma course, an applicant will be qualified for enlistment with the State Nursing Council.

BSc Nursing: BSc Nursing is a four-year degree program with a focus on practical aspects of Nursing, has much better avenues to bring to the table in comparison with ANM and GNM Diploma courses. The Undergraduate certificate will help the applicants who wish to seek after post-graduation. Like the ANM and GNM graduates, BSc Nursing graduates are additionally popular in both government and private areas. Out of the three nursing courses, BSc Nursing offers a lot of promising vocation choices regarding development and compensation, even in an educational field. Other than working in government and private emergency hospitals, BSc Nursing graduates are employed by the Indian Red Cross Society, Indian Nursing Council, State Nursing Councils, and different other nursing institutions.

Some of the BSc Nursing entrance exams are mentioned in the table below

  • AIIMS Nursing
  • PGIMER Nursing
  • CMC Ludhiana BSc Nursing
  • Indian Army BSc Nursing
  • JIPMER Nursing
  • KGMU Nursing
  • RUHS Nursing
  • BHU Nursing
  • Jamia Hamdard Nursing

Some of the places that recruit ANM, GNM, and BSc Nursing graduates are

  • Hospitals
  • Aanangwadi Programs
  • Network Health Centers
  • Private Clinics
  • Dispensaries
  • Government Jobs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Different Nursing Schools and Associations
  • The military
  • Instructive establishments and enterprises
  • The Indian Red Cross Society
  • Indian Nursing Council and different State Nursing Councils

Skills required to be a nurse

Nursing can in no way considered being simple work. It is a demanding profession and requires an individual who is devoted to dealing with the unwell. A nursing applicant should as of now have or be set up to build up the accompanying abilities in the field that he/she needs to develop as an effective profession in Nursing.

Communication abilities: Nurses are needed to speak with doctors and patients constantly. They ought to have the communication skills sufficient enough to be able to pass on the perceptions, treatment method powerfully.

Capacity to work for extended periods: No uncertainty, Nurses have a great deal of work pressure and need to do a lot of work in a day. The employment of a Nurse isn't confined to a regular place of employment hours and they need to work beyond the shift limitations nonstop relying on the accessibility of the resources.

Critical reasoning capacities: Nurses being the first attendants to the patients in a hospital, need to make quick choices on decisions depending on the criticalities identified with the patient's condition which can have a major effect in the line of treatment.

Remaining alert and focusing on detail: As the nurses invest a lot of energy with the patients, thus they can easily identify if there is any change in the condition or side effects by focusing on every single detail.

Caring and empathy: Patients, when admitted or visit the clinic, are in an unsettled state and subsequently, Nurses need to make them agreeable enough by comforting them and empathizing with the pain.

ANM, GNM, BSc Nursing Average Starting Salary

According to the course term and the experience (assuming any) and the knowledge of the candidate, can get a lucrative salary to the ANM, GNM and BSc Nursing graduates.
The following are the normal beginning compensation scope of the apparent multitude of three projects:

ANM Starting Salary in India can be from Rs 8,000 to Rs 12,000

GNM beginning compensation in India is approx between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000

As the Nursing profession has a lot of scope in India and the experts in the field are in demand, even though the beginning compensations are somewhat low, particularly for Diploma graduates, experienced nurses can acquire salary going from Rs 50,000 to Rs 75,000 in India.

ANM vs GNM vs BSc Nursing

If any individual passed grade 12 from a non-science stream and is resolved to make a career in nursing, the ANM is the main choice, to begin with. After the successful completion of the ANM, the diploma graduates can get themselves enrolled as a nurse and are qualified to seek after the GNM diploma program. The procedure will make them qualified for the BSc Nursing and BSc (Post-Basic) Nursing programs. On the off chance that the candidate has a place with a science stream having Biology as a subject then the GNM diploma will be the most ideal choice he/she can begin with. GNM graduates can go for BSc Nursing and BSc (Post-Basic) Nursing. Likewise, GNM graduates with two years of work experience are qualified to join BSC Nursing Distance programs.

While then again, a science stream student who wishes to emphasize the academic before starting employment ought to consider BSc Nursing as this opens up possibilities to seek after MSc Nursing, a post-advanced education. After the completion of the MSc Nursing, students can additionally decide on the Ph.D. or go after a job.

ANM vs GNM vs BSc Nursing College in India

College/University Location Avg. Fees Per Year Admission Open
Teerthanker Mahaveer University Moradabad 133200 Apply Now
Desh Bhagat University Fatehgarh Sahib 80000 Apply Now
Bhagwant Institute of Technology Muzaffarnagar 1,22,000 Apply Now
Charusat University Anand 1,56,000 Apply Now
Bangalore Group of Institutions Bangalore 1,15,000 Apply Now

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