Work In the Field Of Disaster Management

Work In the Field Of Disaster Management

  • Job Pressure NA
  • Academic Pressure NA
  • Early Salary 3 L - 4 L
  • Mid Level Salary4.5 L - 5.5 L
  • Senior Salary 10 L - 12 L

Work In the Field Of Disaster Management

Disaster management is not a commonly opted for career. The job of a person working in the field of disaster management is extremely critical. Although this is not a glamorized profession as many others, disaster management is an essential service to every country around the world.

In case of a natural or man-made calamity, the job includes working around the clock organizing and supervising tasks such as; damage control, rescue operations, communication, transportation and anything and everything else required, to initially sustain life and then bring the situation back to normal. This job is only well suited to individuals who are able to perform under a high degree of stress ,and who are willing to work tirelessly, putting all else aside; when duty calls.

Disasters include anything; from plane crashes, earthquakes, building collapses, railroad accidents or any other calamity that involves a large number of people or a large area. People working in this field are not only called into action when calamity strikes but are also required to remain in an ever present state of readiness; enabling them to respond efficiently and effectively in the event of any disaster. In this line of work professionals constantly study and analyze historical data related to past disasters, and strategize on improving damage control and response time in case of similar future disasters.

Some of the personal traits required by individuals working in this field include; physical fitness, emotional and mental stability, calmness, the ability to handle stress effectively, the ability to act under stressful circumstances, the ability to make critical decisions under stressful circumstances, the ability to implement plans and strategies under the circumstances and finally the willingness to take responsibility for the entire situation.

There are various educational courses available for people looking to pursue a career in the field of disaster management. These courses include undergraduate courses postgraduate as well as diploma course is. A point to be taken into consideration is that the learning and research in this field of work is constant. New technologies as well as strategies are constantly designed and implemented. A person working in disaster management should be prepared to keep an open mind related to the periodic up-gradation of strategies and technology, and utilization of them.

Most people working in disaster management are not motivated by the financial reward, but rather the need to help people, society and the nation at times of crisis. The pay scale that applies to a person with five years of experience in the government sector is approximately 30,000 to 50,000 per month, a person with a similar profile working for international NGO’s can get paid anywhere between 100,000 to 125,000. Post-retirement many people continue to work as consultants for various private organizations and NGO’s. Some retired people also work as trainers and teachers with nongovernment organizations to pass on their skills and experience.

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