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MS in E.N.T Course

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M. S. ENT or Master of Surgery in Otolaryngology is a two year post graduation course which is designed to produce specialists in diagnosing and treating illnesses related to sense organs like Ears, Nose and Throat of individuals. It is a professional program where students are educated to carry out surgical and medical treatment of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck areas. Diseases like adenoidectomies, nose bleeding, infected mastoids, tonsillectomies and chronic sinusitis are some of the chronic ailments which the students are trained to diagnose and treat under this course. ENT professionals can late on even opt to excel in any one of the major areas and focus on their specialization like an Ear specialist can concentrate on diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders and related problems, likewise, a nose specialist can deal with ailments related to chronic sinusitis and so on.

Who can opt for MS in E.N.T?

A candidate aspiring to apply for the above course should possess a 5 ½ year M.B.B.S degree from a reputed and recognized institute/university. Apart from this, he needs to appear for a post graduation medical entrance test in order to get a seat in one of the colleges for the above course. Candidates should possess enough stamina to endure longs hours of work, should have excellent communication skills, should have good hand-eye coordination and should be able to handle critical situations without getting panicked.

How is MS in E.N.T beneficial?

This course is highly rewarding as the demand for ENT specialists is ever on the increase, thanks to the increasing pollution hazards and intake of contaminated junk food which is leading to a rise in various ENT disorders in individuals. Candidates can find excellent job opportunities both in the government as well as private sector on successful completion of this course.

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