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MS in Otolaryngology Course

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M. S. Otolaryngology or Master of Surgery in Otolaryngology is a two year post graduate surgery program which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases relating to ears, head, throat and neck. It is even referred to as ENT or otorhinolaryngology. All kinds of ailments, neoplasms, allergies, deformities and injuries relating to the above body parts, including respiratory and upper alimentary systems, jaws, face and other head and neck systems are treated through medical and surgical therapies under this program. The fundamental areas of expertise include treatment of disorders of the head and neck oncology, including facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries, disorders of hearing and voice as well.

Who can opt for M.S in Otolaryngology ?

A candidate having secures 50% marks in his M.B.B.S degree is eligible to opt for this course. Further, he should be prepared to appear for a post graduation medical entrance examination at the time of admission, conducted by reputed institutes offering this course. Students wanting to study this program should have a humane approach and empathy towards the human race. They should possess good communication skills, counseling skills, to be able to deliver educational health messages to their patients and their respective families. They should also be well versed with the application of knowledge by using appropriate resources for proper critical analysis which stands relevant in practicing evidence based otolaryngology in their course of study and practice.

How is M.S in Otolaryngology beneficial?

This course covers a wide range of common and rare clinical problems which are detected and treated through medical as well as surgical methods. Residents of this course are tagged as specialists in Otolaryngology on completion and can opt for varied job opportunities as teachers, researchers, clinicians and so on. They can even choose to practice as surgeons and doctors in a government or private hospital, clinic or open a private clinic of their own. They have the liberty to work as researchers and clinicians even in specialized speech or auditory clinics or in university settings as lecturers in Otolaryngology.

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