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Homeopathy as a Career

Homeopathy as a Career

  • Job Pressure NA
  • Academic Pressure NA
  • Early Salary 2 L - 4 L
  • Mid Level Salary5 L - 8 L
  • Senior Salary 10 L - 12 L

Homeopathy as a Career

The popularity of homeopathy has grown lately and many people are turning to it as a form of medication to deal with long-term ailments. Homeopathic medicine is considered to be a safe alternative when prolonged medication is needed. In some cases it has been credited with being able to cure problems that regular medicine has failed to.

Homeopathic science was created by Samuel Hahnemann, based on the principles he learnt studying ancient text, he formed a therapeutic healing process based on the concept of the human body as a whole. The philosophy of health resulting from a natural, biological and chemical balance within the body is the basis of homeopathy.

Homeopathy works on the principles of either disease prevention or natural cure, which has no negative or harmful side effects to the human body. While it would be hard to say that allopathic medicine is harmful to the body, it is a fact that some allopathic medicines do have side effects when taken over prolonged periods of time. Homeopathic medicine is considered ideal for the treatment of long-term ailments as well as for the prevention of various conditions and diseases.

Homeopathic medicine works on the philosophy that certain imbalances in the body can lead to a variety of other ailments, the objective is to correct these imbalances and restore harmony to the body by which a person can stay healthy and prevent disease rather than cure it. As the old saying goes; “prevention is better than cure”. Allopathic medicine usually only focuses on the cure of ailments and diseases, and no allopathic medicine focuses on the overall well being and health of a person.

Homeopathic science or homeopathy has as a result; become very popular and lucrative as a trade and profession. In the government sector a fresher can hope to earn 45,000 per month. A midlevel practitioner 70,000, senior practitioners can hope to earn approximately 90,000 a month. In the private sector a fresher can earn 50,000 to 100,000 a month. A senior private practitioner can run well in excess of 300,000 to 400,000 a month, based on his reputation and ability to help people with ailments and diseases.

In order to become a homeopathic doctor one needs to have studied biology, chemistry and physics in the senior school. For graduation, the interested candidate needs to study bachelors in homeopathic medicine and surgery (BHMS), which is considered to be the minimum a practitioner requires. This is a 5 ½ year course including the internship which is mandatory. Additional courses or a qualification that a practitioner can add to the resume is a Post Graduate degree up in homeopathic medicine [MD]. It is advisable for homeopath to pursue a master’s degree course.

There are many career options available to homeopathic graduates and post graduates, who decide to work in the government sector. The government sector offers certain facilities which are typically associated with government jobs. The options for working in the government sector includes; options such as working as a ‘medical officer’ in various government dispensaries or with the municipal corporation, the State insurance corporation, and the national rural health mission to name a few. The government does employ doctors with Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and surgery graduates.

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