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Radiologist Assistant, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Operation Theatre Assistant, Nursing Care Assistant, ECG Assistant, Dental Assistant, Ophthalmic Technician, CT Scan Technician, Dialysis Technician, MRI Technician

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  • Job Pressure Medium
  • Academic Pressure Medium
  • Early Salary 2L - 4L
  • Mid Level Salary2.5L - 4L
  • Senior Salary 3L - 6L


Certificate courses are entry-level courses. They are not as valued as their Degree and Diploma counterparts. A certificate level paramedical course will help you get a technician or assistant level job at relevant places. Some of the well known Diploma paramedical courses include-


  • Radiologist Assistant
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant
  • Operation Theatre Assistant
  • Nursing Care Assistant
  • ECG Assistant 
  • Dental Assistant
  • Ophthalmic Technician
  • CT Scan Technician
  • Dialysis Technician
  • MRI Technician

Radiologist Assistant

A Radiologist Assistant (RA) is a great practice radiologic technologist who works under the supervision of a radiologist. The essential role of an RA is to elevate patient care by helping the radiologist with patient assessment, patient management, and radiological techniques. The RA additionally provides initial observations of diagnostic pictures however doesn't give an official interpretation as a composed report.

An RA must be an ARRT - certified radiographer who has effectively finished a serious scholarly program enveloping a broadly perceived radiologist assistant curriculum and a radiologist-directed clinical preceptorship.

The RA program is two years long. The educational plan consolidates distance education and web-based instruction with a radiologist-directed clinical preceptorship. This clinical preceptorship incorporates at least 1,792 clinical hours and is finished off-campus. Understudies are prompted to recognize a radiology practice to fill in as preceptors. This radiology practice must incorporate the American Board of Radiology (ABR) affirmed radiologists who are happy to train and evaluate the ability of the RA understudy working and learning under their watch.

Also, the separation training courses and clinical preceptorship, one-two nearby classes are required every semester. These meetings are intended to give understudies the advantage of up close and personal contact with the workforce and to improve basic reasoning and investigation abilities identified with radiological methods and pictures. Instructive exercises fill every meeting's timetable, however, there are additionally open doors for proficient systems administration with other RA understudies and workforce.

Radiologist Assistant Admission

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Medical Laboratory Assistant

Clinical assistants, which are a particular subgroup of lab technologists and specialists, work in clinics, hospitals, and private labs. Their work incorporates running lab tests and preparing specimens. Some basic clinical lab assistant tasks additionally incorporate planting microbiology specimen, performing standard and specialized tests, planning and staining slides for examination, performing phlebotomy, recording testing data, cleaning and restocking the lab facility, keeping an inventory, and ordering lab supplies.

Education:-Bachelor's degree in medical technology or a life science

Job Skills:-Detail-oriented, work well in teams, good communication skills

Required Education

For an entrance level profession as a clinical lab assistant, you'll require a four-year certification in clinical technology or one of the life sciences. Depending upon the work environment and the position, it might be possible to substitute a blend of education and work experience. Courses in a 4-year lone bachelor’s program that would set you up for a profession as a clinical laboratory assistant incorporate microbiology, chemistry, biological science, statistics, arithmetic, and courses with hands-on lab work.

Ability Requirements

Clinical laboratory assistants handle different specimens and tests for various patients; they must be thoroughly detailed and tenacious in taking care of their work burden and in preparing these tests. The capacity to function admirably in group settings and skills in communication are additionally essential for prevailing as a clinical laboratory assistant.

Medical Laboratory Assistant Admission

Operation Theatre Assistant

Operation theatre specialist is required for different pre-, intra-and post-medical procedure responsibilities inside a hospital. They transport patients, organize an operating room for a medical procedure, set up, check, connect, and adjust surgical equipment, technical help to surgeons.

An Operation Theatre Technician should be affable and compassionate as he/she may need to manage patients and family members who might be mentally, physically, and emotionally troubled now and again.

Operation theatre technologists ensure that the operation theatre is clean previously, during, and after the medical procedure. They additionally help with the surgery procedures under the management of nurses, specialists, and anesthesiologists. Notwithstanding, the essential work of an OT technician is to keep up a clean environment for the surgical group and the patient, during, and after the medical procedure.

Before the medical procedure, he/she washes and cleans all equipment and surgical instruments, at that point the technician readies the patient for the medical procedure by washing and disinfecting the incision sites. Also, at long last, the technician cleans, masks, and gowns the surgical group.

During the careful cycle, the technician passes the surgical instruments to the specialist, applies to dress, cuts stitches, and prepares specimens for lab analysis. After completion of the surgery, the technician is responsible for taking the patient to the recuperation room and cleaning the OT for the following medical procedure. 

Qualification to become Operation Theater Assistant

To turn into an OT assistant, you can decide to seek after a course in the wake of passing the tenth grade.

Certificate in Operation Theater Technology

This course can be sought after in the wake of finishing class tenth to get some essential abilities and for the individuals who are keen on getting into this field can pick this to land some section level positions. The term of this course goes from a half year to 1 year as it relies upon the establishment. To be qualified for this, you have to pass tenth within any event 50 % from a perceived board.

Fees to Become An Operation Theater Assistant

The expenses to seek after a course inactivity theatre innovation will go between Rs.5,000-Rs.10,00,000.

Job Roles of Operation Theater Assistant

Dental Assistants-OT partners can function as dental associates. The main distinction is that it will be in a dental setting and not surgical. They are accountable for making arrangements, keeping up records, and taking X rays.

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists-They are liable for running clinical tests and keeping up laboratory equipment. They work with magnifying instruments, lab machines, and PCs to investigate tests and bodily fluids to identify abnormalities and reach a diagnosis.

Medical assistants:-Medical assistants are engaged with taking clinical accounts, they screen and record crucial indications of patients. They are likewise liable for finishing the clinical and managerial tasks for doctors, in hospitals and clinics.

Operation Theatre Assistant Admission

Nursing Care Assistant

It is a paramedical course. It is a certificate degree course, not a Diploma or Bachelor's qualification program. This course is sufficient to assist one acquire key nursing assistant skills and information. After finishing the course, one will have the option to land section level nursing assistant/helper work at clinics, centers, and nursing homes.

Nursing care assistants are unified medical care experts. They are not as qualified as enlisted medical nurses.

Nursing care assistants are otherwise called nurture helpers. They work close by or under the management of qualified medical caretakers and Doctors.

Nursing care assistants primary role includes:-

  • Perform tasks given by Doctors or medical caretakers 
  • Serve food to patients 
  • Deal with patient cleanliness (washing them, tidying up their rooms, groom them, and so on) 
  • Manage equipment and accessories in patients' rooms 
  • Record patients' body details (beat, weight, circulatory strain, and so on) 
  • Administer medications 
  • Speak with patients and their family
  • Take patients for tests and treatment procedures 

To flourish in this calling, one must have characteristics and qualities like-

  • Sincere caring attitude towards patients 
  • Great communication abilities 
  • Technical know-how 
  • Nursing information 
  • Endurance and readiness to work for extended periods (here and there at odd timings) 
  • Persistence 

Nursing Care Assistant Admission

ECG Assistant

An ECG assistant is a paramedic or specialist who is a significant mainstay of the clinical business. They help the patients and specialists in understanding and interpreting ECG and scan results. Their examination of the consequences of this will, help doctors and surgeons to understand the underlining reason for the ailment or reason for the breakdown that can be perceived and treated by the doctor.

The education needed for turning into an ECG professional or ECG assistant is as per the following.

  • Diploma in ECG Technology (DECG) course, 
  • Bachelor of Science in ECG Technology and 
  • Masters of Science in ECG Technology 

After completing any of the previously mentioned course, understudies can get stunning career opportunities as Junior ECG specialist, Assistant ECG Technician, ECG Technician, teaching assistant, lab technician, ECG expert, professor, lecturer, and so on in government hospitals, private medical clinics, diagnostic centers, polyclinics, nursing homes, essential medical services communities, nursing homes, primary health care centers or insurance agencies.

To join the diploma in ECG Technology, understudies need to complete their tenth grade or twelfth grade of training.

To join the B.Sc or Bachelors of Science in ECG Technology, understudies need to complete their 10+2 for example PUC level of training or have a diploma in allied health sciences or a diploma in paramedical sciences.

To join the M.Sc or Masters of Science in ECG Technology, understudies probably finished their B.Sc in ECG technology or a B.Sc in any paramedic or allied health sciences.

ECG Assistant Admission

Dental Assistant

A career as a Dental Assistant is one of the significant parts of the medical services industry, where teamwork is essential for the success of a medical procedure. As a Dental Assistant, guaranteeing that all the essential steps are taken before, during, and after a dental methodology to ensure a smooth and effective medical procedure.

They must guarantee that all the clinical equipment is cleaned and are in proper working condition. As a component of the job, they should speak with the patient, affirming the date and time of arrangements, ensuring the patients of different procedures alongside other significant undertakings. In India, various courses will prepare and qualify the candidates in the field of dentistry, delivering skilled graduates fit for helping dental specialists or dental hygienists in all parts of doing a dental technique.

In India, the quantity of skilled and qualified experts as Dental Assistants is missing, and with dental requirements expanding, so does the requirement for Dental Assistants for a smoother and more fruitful procedure of dental centers.

Qualification to become a Dental Assistant

To be a skilled and qualified Dental Hygienist, aspirants must guarantee that they have the important scholastic and expert capabilities to seek after a profession as a Dental Assistant. The qualification measures for a profession as a Dental Assistant, applicants must fulfill the accompanying details-

  • Applicants must have a Diploma in Dental Assistant course or same, from a perceived institution. 
  • Applicants with a Certificate in Dental Assisting are likewise qualified for the job. 

Sorts of Job Roles Dental Assistant

While functioning as a Dental Assistant, you might be asked to do a range of clerical and clinical undertakings under the direction of the Dental assistant. While supporting the dental specialists through a dental system is among the more significant assignments of a Dental Assistant, you will likewise be answerable for helping the patients with the payments, sterilizing and setting up the equipment, communicating with the patient in regards to dental hygiene and their previous wellbeing and dental records, among numerous other. A portion of the occupation profiles of a Dental Assistant include:

Dental Assistant :- Fresh out of college, any dental clinic, hospital, and so forth would require graduates who are capable of following orders and helping the experts in their techniques. This is one of the principal places that would be accessible for any applicant who graduates in a Diploma or Certificate course in Dental Assistant. The responsibilities would incorporate cleaning careful instruments and tools, speaking with the patient concerning dental works, helping dental specialists during a method, helping patients with post-strategy steps and installments, and payments.

Dental Hygienist :-The occupation profile of a dental hygienist is to clean, polish, and scaling of teeth and so on of a patient. The profile expects aspirant to have great smoothness alongside a sufficient comprehension of dental life systems and oral cleanliness. Dental Assistants will have the option to become Dental Hygienists with proper skills and abilities under the entire surveillance of a dental specialist.

Surgical Technologist :-Here, the profile would expect the possibility to help dental specialists with careful dental techniques. Setting up the correct apparatuses and equipment to guarantee a smooth and simple surgery would go under one of the responsibilities of a Surgical Technologist. They will likewise help the dental specialists during the method by giving them the right tools and adhering to the directions set somewhere around the working specialist is among the pivotal assignments that a Surgical Technologist must perform.

Clinical Assistants :-Like Dental Assistants, Medical Assistants will wind up in a center, clinic, or other medical services offices where they will have the option to offer their regulatory and clinical administrations in other clinical fields.

Pharmacy Technicians :-The occupation profile of a Pharmacy Technician would require an aspirant to assist a pharmacist in dispensing medications according to the remedies to patients or other wellbeing experts.

Dental Assistant Admission

Ophthalmic Technician

Ophthalmic specialists are profoundly skilled experts who work in the field of eye care and wellbeing. This profession doesn't normally need a four-year college education and training is accessible to anybody with a secondary school diploma. On the off chance that you are keen on seeking medical services yet would prefer not to attend medical school, occupation as an ophthalmic expert could be the ideal decision for you.

Ophthalmic specialists are clinical experts who help ophthalmologists in caring about patients' eyes and vision. Ophthalmic technologists work close by ophthalmologists to perform eye tests, analyze sicknesses, and control therapies. They are commonly utilized by ophthalmology facilities or workplaces.

What does an ophthalmic expert do?

Ophthalmology professionals utilize various specific skills to do their everyday responsibilities. Contingent upon their skill level and experience, they might be given out an assortment of tasks that include giving consideration to patients and helping the occupant ophthalmologist.

The ordinary responsibilities of an ophthalmic specialist include:

  • Getting some information about the patient  and recording the information for the doctor 
  • Performing preliminary tests  
  • Cleaning and keeping up ophthalmic equipment 
  • Supporting the ophthalmologist during eye medical procedures and systems 
  • Overseeing medications and treatments 
  • Analyzing test results and adding to diagnostic conversations 
  • Responding to patients' inquiries and empowering healthy habits
  • Writing, altering, and filing patient medical records

Ophthalmic Technician Admission

CT Scan Technician

CT scan represents a Computer Tomography scan. It is likewise known by the name of CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography). It is a clinical imaging procedure used to create pictures of internal human life structures. CT scan utilizes X-Ray waves to produce pictures of the inner organs of the human body. Pictures created this way are then used to analyze ailments and different conditions present inside the human body and organs.

CT scan is utilized to scan inner body parts, for example, – delicate tissues, bones, cerebrum, and veins. This imaging procedure utilizes X-Ray to examine internal body parts. As an aspect of the scanning process, numerous X-Ray pictures are taken (from various points). The pictures acquired this way are then examined and seen by qualified Radiologists or potentially Doctors. In light of the observation, they make a diagnosis.

Primary undertakings of a CT scan technician incorporate-

  • Set up the patient for a scan
  • Follow guidelines given by doctor or radiologist 
  • Give directions to the patient 
  • Set up a CT scanner and adjust the necessary parameter
  • Position the patient for the scan
  • Operate the scanner 
  • Record the scanned pictures and results 
  • Follow important wellbeing precautionary measures (check dose) and directions

CT scan technicians normally work under the direction of qualified Doctors/Radiologists. They adhere to guidelines given by the Doctor, operate the scanner, record the pictures and hand over the record to the Doctor/Radiologist (for finding).

The certificate course is not as esteemed as its Diploma and Degree counterparts. Still, the certificate course will enable one to develop main CT scan technician skills. It will assist one to the entry-level job at hospitals, clinics, and medical imaging labs delivering CT scan service.

Nature of course :- It is a paramedical certificate course. After completion of the course, one will earn a certificate from the college. It is an employment-oriented medical certificate course and enables one to acquire key CT scan technician skills.

Duration :-Depending on the institute, the period could be anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

CT Scan Technician Admission

Dialysis Technician

Dialysis professionals, frequently known as patient Care specialists (PCTs), follow strict conventions to ensure safe and effective results for patients going through this four-hour strategy. Their most significant tasks are to screen and adjust the liquid fluid removal rate according to patient vital signs and to limit the chance of infection through proper equipment handling and cleaning.

The most well-known explanation behind dialysis is End-Stage Renal Disease(ESRD), a condition when kidneys work at under less than 10 percent of ordinary, which is most generally brought about by diabetes.

Required Education- A secondary school diploma or same, affirmed training program and clinical experience are generally required.

A dialysis technician must have graduated from secondary school, finished an endorsed training program, and had clinical experience. Numerous states additionally require certification. Training opportunities include on the job, employer-sponsored, and community college programs. An expanding number of employees want candidates training from the dialysis technician program. An associate degree in medical technology or nephrology gives education on the science behind dialysis, as opposed to reasonable skills alone and will permit dialysis specialists to progress to administrative situations, as per the National Kidney Foundation,

Occupation Duties- Include monitoring and adjusting the fluid removal rate as per vital signs.

Skills Required

Dialysis technicians are the caretaker for those going through dialysis, which in some cases happens as often as three times each week for a few. Notwithstanding having responsible and conscientious nature, technicians should have to understand the emotional toll that the ongoing procedure has on patients.

MRI Technician

MRI scans are utilized to analyze conditions, for example, musculoskeletal problems and injuries, brain ailments, bone ailments, delicate tissue ailments, ENT illnesses, and vascular illness.

  • Primary tasks of an MRI specialist incorporate 
  • Setting up the patient for the scan 
  • Giving directions to the patient 
  • Setting up the MRI scanner 
  • Adjusting the MRI scanner parameters 
  • Situating the patient for the scan
  • Operating the scanner (handle the controls as well as programming) 
  • Record the scanned pictures and results 
  • Follow essential security precautionary measures  

X-ray technician ordinarily works under the direction of qualified Doctors. They adhere to guidelines given by the Doctor, operate the scanner, record the pictures and hand over the record to the Doctor (for determination).

MRI Technician Admission

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